Increase in facebook visitors

106 %

Uplift in social referrals

1245 %

Increased blog engagements

300 %
Wishing Moon
Wishing Moon


Digital strategy.

We developed an in depth understanding of the Wishing Moon target audience, their interests, likes, dislikes, worries and concerns in order to develop a successful ongoing strategy.

Social content.

An ongoing dynamic content marketing strategy was undertaken to increase the profile of the brand through social channels. The engaging content was crafted specifically for their audience and built trust in the Wishing Moon brand.

UX & UI review.

We used heatmaps and recorded user journeys to understand how the Wishing Moon audience was using the website. We used this data to uncover insights and make relevant changes to increase engagement and conversions.

Increasing Wishing Moon’s brand awareness and establishing them as the UK’s premier psychic hotline was our mission.

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