Number of first place keywords


Increase in overall leads with PPC

16 %

PPC conversion rate in just two months

7 %

Increase in pipeline revenue generate from PPC spend

100 %

The Solution

SEO Overhaul.

The first port of order for Westgate’s current site was to implement a full technical SEO overhaul, updating all existing Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and fix any bugs and errors along the way. We cleaned up the site by removing any unnecessary pages we found with thin content, as well as fixing any 404 errors we came across that were holding the website back from performing at its full potential.


In order to build up Westgate’s organic presence, Run2 implemented a content strategy, increasing Westgate’s organic presence through solid, well written and informative content.

Web Design & Build.

Merging three different sites into one meant a complex design and build was on the table. Working closely with the client, Run2 successfully combined the three into one cohesive design.

SEO Results

Huge gains in organic search…

Since taking over the account we’ve increased organic traffic by almost 93%. Westgate are now outranking their main competitors in all areas pushing them streaks ahead.


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