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The Challenge

We were approached by the Card Network to update and apply some fixes to their existing website which was built in Magento 1.4. We assessed the site and due to the ageing design and poor ux, coupled with an outdated platform, we advised that the best course of action would be for the site to rebuilt in Magento 1.9.0.

The Card Network agreed that they would like us to rebuild the site, and saw it as an opportunity to update their website design. Our objectives were to design a new eCommerce website which was personable, personal, bright, friendly and easy to use.

The client was also keen for their site to ‘stand out’ amongst their competitors and for the layout and overall ‘look and feel’ to be a bit different to the standard ‘ecommerce’ format.

We were also tasked with updating the brand and colour scheme without losing the identity of the brand.

The site also had to be designed and built in line with search best practice, and also ux best practice as getting customers through the sales process quickly and easily was of key importance.

“Poor ux was holding this site back so a rebuild was the best course of action.”

The Solution

Our experienced website design and development team began by looking at the ux and customer journey, which ensured that the designs were as user-friendly as possible.

We created designs that updated the brand look and feel without losing the brand identity, by maintaining some of the original brand colours and logo.

The use of lots of bold colour and a gridded format created a friendly, personable and easy-to-use experience.

Navigation was simple with a standard structure used throughout all areas of the site, designed to be as user-friendly as possible while still being a little ‘different’ to the standard ecommerce format.

The site was built to be fully responsive across devices and browsers.

“With a strong focus on the ux and customer journey we built a website that was much more user-friendly.”


The Card Network