Increase in organic traffic to Christmas pages

99 %

Uplift in organic Christmas bookings

61 %

Increase in organic birthday party bookings

260 %


SEO strategy.

Optimisation of individual bar pages enabled us to communicate with users at a local level. And, to help capitalise on the growing success of the birthday, Christmas and Cocktail Masterclass packages being offered, ever bar was supported with an individual location page for each of these services. Comprehensive Google Analytics tracking monitored progress down to the smallest of details.

Content strategy.

A dynamic content marketing strategy increased the profile of the brand, spoke to their audience and influenced conversions. We provided Revolution with their most successful Christmas campaign to date.


An array of Pay Per Click marketing strategies were also integrated into the wider digital approach to help drive relevant traffic towards specifically designed landing pages. The various and extensive A/B split testing methods that were integrated into the central core of the user journey had a real impact on conversion rates.

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