The challenge

A simple, flexible, and recognisable brand system.

Exciting and scalable business investor fund:tmt were looking for a fresh brand system that was simple, flexible, and recognisable. They needed their brand image to match up to the ambitious and progressive business that they are.

After an exhaustive search for the right partner, the company chose Run2 to design and engineer a new brand and website that appealed to their technology, media and telecoms audience.


The solution

A meticulously mapped out brand system.

Together, through a thorough brand workshop, we meticulously mapped out everything from the company’s elevator pitch to their competition and market analysis. After weeks of research and modification, the name fund:tmt was pitched, and the brand began to unfold from there.

A brand strategy was crafted in close collaboration with fund:tmt in order to give them guidelines to move forward with, statements and taglines were written to fully encompass that strategy but also work flawlessly within any marketing copy.

The logo

Firstly the OS X command line provides a direct association with Apple, leaders in innovation and computer products. This little command window provides great power, and comes with great responsibility – it gives the user direct access to tweak almost everything within your computers software code. To the untrained eye it provides an association with coding and appears ‘techy’ upon first glance. This provides the link between fund:tmt and the technology, media and telecoms sector.



Wireframing is a necessary part of any project we take. Not only it is extremely useful for our team, but also helps to communicate with the client the overall picture of the product even before it is created. That allows us to be sure that no features, details and requests are missing and only the indeed necessary functions will be implemented.

Deciding which features are the most important and vital, thinking of how the product should act and work having only the necessary features, defining the scope of the first iterations aimed to build an MVP — all these are parts of our wireframing process.


The website was designed to make an instant impact; the impressive photography would run front and centre and would be subtly supported by the brand through colour and type. Elegant rollover motion graphics and subtle animations add to a slick and contemporary feel, but ultimately, this website isn’t about bells and whistles, instead the emphasis was put on simplicity and quality; easy navigation, concise copy layouts and striking imagery all merging to represent a brand with the confidence, expertise and passion to fully support its clients to inspire and grow their own businesses.



The brand launched in 2018 acting as the perfect partner in a time where funding for the TMT sector is as high as it’s ever been. To accompany the launch a new brochure, custom postage and presentation items and beautifully foiled business cards were produced to enhance the brand feel.

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