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Uplift in conversion rate


Increase in revenue


Increase in average order value

The challenge

Custom Cookie Co approached Run2 to undertake a full digital marketing strategy, including seo, ppc and social media.

They were spending quite a lot on ppc but were not getting much in return and this needed to be addressed.

The main aim was to ensure people visiting the website were converted into customers.

It wasn't a case of driving more traffic to the website, it was ensuring visits converted into customers.

Custom Cookie Company

The solution

It was decided that Custom Cookie Co needed a new website complete with a brand refresh.

We designed and developed a new site with cro and ux in mind which led to an increase in revenue of over double that of the previous month, with the following months showing an even further increase. Users are now browsing more pages, spending longer on the site, buying more products and the average order value has increased.

The new website, coupled with a strong digital marketing strategy that includes seo, pcc and social, has established Custom Cookie website as the number one website for premium, personalised cookies and edible corporate gifts.

Crucially we have reduced ppc spend whilst maximising paid conversions.

Through a strong seo strategy, Run2 projected Custom Cookie Co into more than 20 first place results on Google.

Custom Cookie Company


Custom Cookie Company
Custom Cookie Company
  • We wanted to create a website that reflected the fun and quirky nature of the brand.
  • We gave Custom Cookie Company a slight brand refresh to bring it up to date.
  • The new website was successful in increasing cro and increasing the turnover over the business.
Custom Cookie Company


Branding - Font
R: 243 G: 100 B: 99
R: 149 G: 151 B: 190
R: 248 G: 207 B: 128
Custom Cookie Company
  • It was important that the brand refresh was kept consistent across social channels.
  • We changed the colours of the brand to something more fitting for their industry.
  • Finally we crafted a brand book to ensure guidelines were adhered to.

The results


Uplift in conversion rate


Increase in average order value


Increase in overall website revenue