Using Instagram to Drive Sales

With Shopify announcing they will be integrating with Instagram, now is a good time to make sure that your business Instagram account is set up and ready for all those purchases that will be coming in.

Is Instagram Worth Investing In?

With 70% of Instagram users looking up a brand on the platform it is important to have a presence on the platform. More and more people are looking to platforms like Instagram for social proof that your business is really what they are looking for.

Optimise Your Instagram

The first thing is to make sure that your Instagram is set up correctly. That you have an informative bio with a bit of personality that really tells your customers how you help them.

Make sure all your contact details are listed on Instagram. If you have a physical location you can also add that so that people can get directions to your shop.


Only 10% of your weekly posts should be promotional. 30% should be owned content and 60% should be curated content. You should promote a culture and lifestyle that surrounds your products. Ensure you add Geotags to your posts as on average this can increase engagement by 79%.

Functionality To Shop

Shopify has currently only released that their integration will be available within the USA however we hope that this will be rolled out soon and hit the UK in the next few months. There is currently not much information available about how this will look or how it will work but we will be keeping a close eye on it.

There is another option which is used by the likes of Forever 21 which allows people to shop the Instagram feed. This links to a site that is exactly like your Instagram feed however it allows you to click onto the images and be able to purchase directly on your site.


Make sure that you engage with your customers, like what they are posting, follow them back and reshare posts of your products. 65% of customers say they would be honoured if a brand liked their post, imagine how the customer would feel if you shared it?

Are you ready to take you Instagram to the next level?

Have you done everything you need to do to get ready to make sales with Instagram? Still struggling to make it happen for you? Contact one of our team and we can help you drive those sales and increase your engagement through Instagram.

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