Top 3 SEO Trends To Look Out For In 2018

In very broad terms, SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of making sure your customers find you when they are searching online. It is becoming an increasingly popular marketing technique, and is also getting more and more competitive by the day, especially if you are already in a competitive market. Often, SEO technicians find themselves searching for new techniques and initiatives to help increase organic traffic of the sites they are managing, with many new initiatives frequently coming into light with each new year.

2018 is due to be no different, with a number of new techniques and challenges ahead for SEO’s. Here’s our breakdown of the hottest trends and techniques to look out for.

AMP (accelerated mobile pages)

AMP is something I have already written about in a previous blog, and is essentially the practice of stripping back all the Javascript and unneeded style sheets to help your website run much faster on mobile devices.

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project that has been backed by Google and has the aim of speeding up the delivery of web content to users. AMP is a stripped back version of HTML that provides a way of building web pages that render much faster than regular HTML. These pages also pre-render in Google search much faster than HTML can.

AMP is also open-source, meaning the technology is open and available to anyone who wishes to use it. The technology is widely used across websites such as Twitter and Pinterest, but is also commonly used across Google Search, often by news agencies.

Quality (natural) content

As if keyword stuffing wasn’t outdated enough, quality content will become even more mandatory in 2018, with keyword stuffing becoming completely outdated. We also often write about content and its place in online marketing. In today’s online marketing world, it isn’t quantity that is king, it all lies within the quality of the content. Naturally written content that sounds spontaneous and well written will continue to increase in importance.

Optimisation for Mobile

As if it wasn’t already enough to get your site running along with AMP, optimising for mobile is becoming increasingly important. Mobile traffic has already outweighed desktop for some time now, and shows no indication of slowing down. It’s important to make sure you are definitely optimising for mobile, but make sure you check your sites traffic acquisition, if it is predominantly¬† desktop traffic, which also matches your target demographic, mobile may not be as important for you, and content may be your first point of call.


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