Businesses that don’t optimise their websites for mobiles lose millions in conversion opportunities every year.

Responsive design combats this by developing flexible and fluid websites that deliver a seamless experience on desktop, mobile or tablet.

What is responsive design?

When you open a link on your smartphone and it doesn’t look right, 9 times out of 10 you’ll ditch it before you’ve read a single word, and the other time it’s because it’s from your weird mate Gary. Never open links from Gary, he’s just not normal.

Nearly half of all mobile users will abandon your site if it fails to load within three seconds, and a third will cancel a transaction if your purchasing process isn’t mobile friendly. Responsive designs combat these flaws by developing flexible and fluid websites that deliver the same experience on desktop, mobile or tablet.

SEO benefits

Google’s search algorithms change like the wind, and a recent alteration means that mobile-friendly websites now attract massive amounts of new traffic. Sadly those which aren’t could suffer ranking penalties, and nobody likes penalties, especially if you’re English.

So to keep your brand at the front of the queue we’ll make every aspect of your site fully mobile accessible. And when Google algorithms change again you can be sure we’ll know about it, because if there’s one thing that gets us excited its cutting edge SEO strategy. We are so much fun at parties.

Keep customers running to the finish line

Mobile users spend more money online than desktop users, and the majority of these transactions are impulse purchases that are made possible by a swift and simple purchase process.

A website with unreadable text, tiny buttons, poor layouts and excessive scrolling has the same feeling, because they all destroy the impetus of a transaction and allow the customer time to change their mind. We provide sites which get users to where they need to be quickly, with mobile-friendly online checkouts that make it even easier for your customers to say ‘yes’ to your products.

How we can help

Whether we are optimising your current site for mobile devices or building an entirely new online mobile presence from scratch, our mantra is to simply question everything. This makes us terrible on dates, but great at responsive web design and Cluedo.

Is the site loading fast enough? Are your eyes drawn to the right places? Will users get all the information they need? Does this feel like a website you can trust? By putting the customer’s expectations first we help develop a responsive and reliable website that sells your brand, streamlines sales, and which your customers can surf safely.