Unlike most agencies, our web design and development teams aren’t locked away in some dark cellar where sunlight never troubles them. We promote collaboration between all employees, allowing them to share insight over every aspect of your website’s design.

This approach means that everyone from coder to copywriter fully understands what makes your brand unique. It also leads to functionally designed and fully responsive websites, all created in-house with a clear goal in mind: to deliver results.

Our knowledge of search, conversion and UX means that our websites come search and user-friendly, as standard. This gives you a head start when it comes to getting found online and converting browsers into customers.

Whatever it is you need, whether it’s work on your existing website or a complete redesigned and build, we offer our clients options and flexibility thanks to our all-round approach.

Information architecture and wire-framing

When it comes to user navigation we adopt an approach based on industry best practice and good old-fashioned knowhow.

To optimise your website’s conversion points we conduct thorough research into your customers’ needs, desires and habits. (And don’t worry, this non-intrusive process won’t involve any direct contact – we stopped rifling through people’s bins years ago.)

So whether your online presence needs a few dead ends removing or a complete overhaul, our team works collectively to give an honest and expert appraisal of what your site needs to do, and how it needs to do it.

Design and development

Once we’ve built the body of your website it’s time to find the right outfit for the occasion. Turning up to a party dressed like someone else is embarrassing enough, but even worse is when your website looks like a cheap rip-off of your rival.

All of our website designs are bespoke, original, and unique to you – there’s no cookie cutter approach here – and by combining your tastes and our expertise we build the kind of site that your customers will return to again and again.

But there’s no point having a beautifully constructed website if it looks like a dog’s dinner on a mobile. Therefore each site is rigorously tested to make it user-friendly and multi-platform compatible, giving customers the same quality experience on their smartphone, tablet and desktop.

Development platforms

We specialize in Magento for Ecommerce; we’re experts at building and managing Magento.

When it comes to business websites, WordPress is generally our chosen platform due to its universal appeal and its ease of use for both clients and search marketing.

We also provide totally bespoke solutions when the brief requires it.

Testing and launch

Our developers work rigorously in accordance with industry best practice to identify and eradicate errors with a fine toothcomb. Our uncompromising approach to testing means that your website’s performance will be optimised across multiple browsers, operating systems and devices, and will feel safer than a safe in Fort Knox.

Hosting and support

We partner with the UK’s premier hosting company, UK Fast, to give you a reliable and secure platform for your brand. It’s bad enough when you lose that word document you’ve been working on all day, but when technical glitches wipe out huge reams of data it can completely cripple a business if you’re not prepared.

But with UK Fast’s reliable service you’ll keep those gremlins at bay thanks to their comprehensive back-up procedures and instant downtime monitoring tools.