The key to Social Media Marketing success is simple – personality. Your customers are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram right now, each of them carving out their own unique identity based on the photos they upload, the statuses they share and the links they post.

If you aren’t doing the same then your brand simply becomes yet another soulless advert lost amongst the masses. So how can we help you?

Do I really need social media marketing?

The short answer is yes, as 81% of all businesses reported using social media to market their business. Nobody’s expecting you to jump in front of a camera and create viral videos, but your customers do expect you to have some kind of social presence.

At this point you may be thinking about saving money and setting up your own Social Media profiles, and we don’t blame you! If your 12 year old son can do it, how hard can it be? But sadly the commercial scope of private Social Media is limited. Business Social Media profiles are an altogether different species, as they often involve paid campaigns to attract new audiences, drive conversions and increase the amount of engagements your brand enjoys online.

With Facebook in particular having recently reduced organic reach to single digit figures for many business pages, to which Instagram and Twitter are beginning to follow suit, even Kim Kardashian’s Belfie’s might struggle to break the internet these days. Having a carefully considered paid social media marketing strategy is therefore vital to your brand’s Social Media success.

Given that 74% of businesses report having invested in paid Social Media activity, it’s likely your competitors are already exchanging flirtatious glances with your potential customers. Not to fear though, like in any good relationship we’re here to ward off any would be suitors and make sure your followers only have eyes for you. Whether you’re looking to increase your following, expand your reach, promote offers or drive sales, we will create a tailored campaign to suit the needs of both your business and your customers.

Our team will ensure everything you’re paying for is geared to achieving your company goals, and by creating a real sense of brand recognition across multiple channels there really is no limit to what we can achieve for your business on Social Media.

Evaluate & engage

If you’re posting about Happy Hour at 8pm on a Sunday don’t be surprised when nobody takes you up on it. By that time everyone’s in their jim jams sat in front of Antiques Roadshow with a mug of cocoa and a towel on their head. Our initial efforts focus on identifying who you need to target, when you need to target them, and what they want from you.

Once we’ve built a picture of your average user we then calculate how to keep them coming back for more. Our approach is constantly evaluated from the very first post, and by using data to develop unique and engaging content we’ll gain you ever more likes, retweets, shares and followers. And you won’t even need to take a pouty selfie to do it!

Convert & correspond

It would be foolish to apply the same online strategy to a law firm as you would a chain of hotels, which is why all of our campaigns are tailored and optimised so that your business benefits from Social Media in the most effective way possible. Whether you need likes or leads, retweets or reviews, we promise results.

As a Social Media Marketing agency we’re fully aware of the fact that social media isn’t just another form of advertising; it is a two-way process where customers can communicate with you and your staff. If that sounds a little daunting don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the Do’s and Don’ts and empower you to develop your own online identity in the process.