When you buy from your local butcher you might seek advice on how to cook a leg of lamb. During a trip to the barbers you’ll ask what shampoo you should be using. Content marketing is no different, as it involves a simple exchange of information between expert professionals and their clients. But if your advice is so bad your customer ends up turning both their hair and that leg of lamb a strange shade of turquoise… they’re probably not coming back.

Genuinely useful content brings clarity and authority to your business and tells your customers what you do better than anyone else. With a dynamic content marketing strategy which may involve the creation of a sharp infographic or a short video you can improve brand awareness, drive relevant traffic to your site and gain a following within your industry as a trusted and reliable voice. But which style of content is right for you?


Despite society’s collective attention span dwindling to that of a goldfish, blogging content still plays a huge role in building and retaining a loyal user base. A good blog can come in the form of expert advice, informed comment, or an entertaining listicle. Once we’ve identified your consumer’s needs we can determine exactly what content they expect from you and put the wheels in motion to provide it.


Humans are a very visual species, which is why people spend more time looking at photos of Kim Kardashian than they do reading the collective works of Plato. Infographics are a happy medium, offering a concise and entertaining way of delivering even the dullest information. Nobody has the patience to read a 1,000 word blog post about a specific kind of wood glue – but present that same data using a clean combination of graphics and figures and you’ll ensure that your customers are both informed and engaged.

Longform content

Not all content can be distilled into a tweet or an article, and sometimes you may need longform content as a way of enticing customers to sign up to your services. Whether it’s an instructional PDF on flirting or an eBook giveaway of ten thousand tight-roping tips and tricks, if you have a substantial volume of information to deliver there are plenty of effective ways to do this. Longform content allows clients and customers to digest your material how they want, when they want. Simply tell us what they need to know and we’ll do the rest.


We all love watching and sharing videos online, but what style is right for you? Do your customers really need a short Vine of a penguin tumbling down a hill? Or would they find a longer instructional piece on how to prevent tumbling penguins more informative? We focus on creating valuable content that people will share and watch over and over again; videos that not only generate great numbers, but are also genuinely of use to your audience.

Our Content Marketing Methods

Who, what and why?

As a leading content marketing agency, our approach is similar to that of an annoying five year old – we constantly ask questions and don’t stop until we’re satisfied. This helps us target your audience effectively and create compelling content to get their attention.

Template schmemplate.

You’ll receive a tailored approach that suits your brand’s identity across all media. And if you don’t have one we’ll help you develop an image that really turns heads.

We say no to dull content.

It’s never wise to fill up on bread before you eat steak, so don’t flood your customers with puff pieces of placeholder content. Every blog post, video and tweet we create is researched and optimised for maximum effectiveness.

Is anyone watching?

Teenage girls care about forklifts as much as middle aged blokes do about contouring. We identify what your audience wants and when they want it, and then broadcast your content through tailor-made social media marketing strategies, press releases or even paid ads.

Everything can be better.

Being a full-service digital marketing agency, we firmly believe the relationship between content production and your website's conversion rate is a very close one. So, by tracking and measuring content efficiency we deliver increasingly better returns on your investment. And if something isn’t working we take it away to live on a farm, just like that dog you had when you were 12.