What we do

Investment ready?

An investment is only worthwhile when you know exactly what you’re putting your money into, which is why we have a Digital Due Diligence team to help you understand just that.

Through thorough site analysis, we can provide a comprehensive and tailored report that outlines the current digital capabilities of businesses getting ready for investment.

How we do it

A thorough process.

The Run2 Digital Due Diligence team works closely with Private Equity backed businesses and companies getting ready for investment. We also help investors understand the current digital capacity of a potential investment, including lead generation, conversion rate optimisation, ecommerce and data analytics. Undertaking a thorough assessment of everything from site structure and navigation, to internal linking and off page presence, we can highlight any areas of concern and provide long-term resolutions. Think of us as your ‘digital auditors’.

Giving you the support you need.

Support for the investment through the 100-day planning cycle is also a key service we provide. We’re not about to leave you high and dry. We believe that getting the framework right in the first 100 days is crucial to developing the new digital journey. It’s like getting the foundations of a house right before you start building your walls.

Seeing the potential in your investment.

Potential is everything, which is why we also help investment teams to understand the scope of any digital investment that may be required, as well as the processes to implement in order to reach your goals quickly. Additionally, Run2 can provide website vulnerability assessments that detail the potential for cyber security threats through poorly designed websites – an absolute must in this digital age.

We know that every business is different and has their own long-term goals, and this is recognised in our tailored approach. But we also know the basic ‘digital building blocks’ that every company should have in place and any red flags to look out for – no matter what industry we’re dealing with.