How we do it

Recommendation engine.

Our recommendation engine allows our clients to create relevant and seamless shopping experiences for their customers. Using Run2’s bespoke algorithms, along with past user behaviour, the engine recommends the most relevant items to users that they are most likely to buy, with the end result in an increase in conversions and average order value.


Rather than general audience segmentation, profiles are created on an individual level. By creating a real-time behavioural profile of every visitor, we can connect products and services to real people, rather than a group of characteristics. Through actionable insights we’re able to connect user behaviour with intent.

ETL (extract, transform and load).

Using our platform, we’re able to extract valuable data sets that may be considered lost or unusable. Crucially, our data scientists ensure these data sets are thoroughly prepared for the machine learning algorithm.

Drive conversions and engagement.

Machine learning is the key to developing customer-centric strategies. Using our analysis and algorithms, we can help you understand the preferences of each of your customers and predict their behaviour. This allows us to offer customers personalised experiences, delivering the most relevant content and information to drive conversions and engagement.

We got revenue to hit that sweet spot for Custom Cookies.

Our cro work

Award winning results.

Our dynamic approach has gained us a reputation for being disruptive in the digital space producing exceptional results for our clients.


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