Notable Christmas Marketing Campaigns

It’s that time of the year in which businesses are pulling out all the stops to get people to sit up and take notice of their brand. It’s all about standing out from the masses and really getting the consumer’s attention. John Lewis have reported online sales are up 11.8% in the 2016 Christmas shopping period, while analysts such as the British Retail Consortium have reported online retailers are doing particularly well during this period.

It is clear that more people are shopping online, which means that companies have to work harder to be known as they are losing out on that all-important footfall traffic that may have impulsively purchased their products.

So how are some of the biggest brands creating a stir?

Cards against Humanity have certainly created a stir in the headlines this year. If you have been hiding under a rock: They bought a piece of land on the Mexican border and hired a law firm to manage the land, with the intention to make it a really long and hard process for Donald Trump to be able to build his wall. The result? The post on Facebook has received 7,248 shares and 3,948 comments. And the twittersphere is blowing up with tweets about the stunt with 6,534 retweets and 11,450 likes on their post.

 Have you heard of ZoellaWell, her advent calendar was launched with a massive backlash due to the price point put on it. Poundland fought back….

With 7.8k retweets and 21k likes it has been incredibly popular and proves that you can pick up exactly the same at a fraction of the price instore. This very clever and quick thinking tweet by the marketing guys in Poundland certainly got people talking about it. Of course, die hard Zoella fans are fuming but Mums of the fans praised Poundland for the insight and for boycotting the advent calendar.

McDonald’s had such amazing success with their 2016 Christmas campaign that they had one of their strongest ROI for its marketing. So they decided to go bigger this year. Launched last week the McDonald’s campaign will be screening before Gogglebox however here is a sneak preview.

The Run2 favourite this year is the Waitrose advert. The general consensus is that the online population like it because it is real life. Their 2016 campaign was considered the best of last year’s Christmas adverts so will this year be another hit.

What are your thoughts on this year’s marketing campaigns? Any notable campaigns we have missed or any you particularly love? Get in touch and let us know.

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