Why your B2B content strategy is failing

Written by Beth Cunniffe: Content manager.
· 4 minute read

What’s the point of a B2B content strategy?


Content is arguably the most important part of any B2B marketing strategy. From legal and finance, to construction and IT, content marketing is extremely valuable to those working in the B2B sector.

Producing content means your target audience get direct access to you and your business. But more importantly, unimpeded access to your knowledge, experience and expertise.  

Why is this important? 

Well, according to B2B Marketing Lab, “the average buyer guides themselves through as much as 60% to 80% of the purchase decision process – reading blogs, eBooks, case studies, white papers and other marketing collateral – before even contacting a salesperson.”

So without a content strategy, you’re effectively eliminating yourself from the running and handing business to your competitors.

But content marketing really is the gift that keeps on giving. Because as well as the above, a good content strategy also:

  • Proves you’re an authority in your industry
  • Helps you engage with your audience
  • Improves your SEO


Why is my content strategy not working?

So, you know all this, but still, your content strategy isn’t giving you the results you’re looking for. Why? Well there’s a few reasons why your content may not be working.

You haven’t identified your target audience

The first step in developing a successful content strategy is to identify who you want to speak to. Who do you want to be reading your content? Once you’ve identified your audience only then can you start creating relevant content aimed at them.


Your content isn’t written for your target audience

Is it educational? Is it informative? Does it solve a problem? These are all questions you should be asking of your content. Only content that addresses your prospective client’s priorities and needs will get you the results you’re looking for. Something to keep in mind is that something you may find interesting or important may not be what your customers are interested in. And you’re writing your content for them, not you.


You’re only ever promoting yourself

Creating promotional content about your business is a good idea because it gives potential customers a glimpse into the human side of your company. But if you’re only posting promotional content, things like new starters, office moves and “10 reasons we’re the best company in the world,” your customers are going to start looking for answers to their queries, issues and needs elsewhere.

Research by the Content Marketing Institute shows that a key content trend for 2020 is prioritising audience’s informational needs over organisation’s sales/promotion message. By sharing insights, expertise and industry knowledge you build a foundation of trust which is a great starting point for eventually turning someone into a client.


Content marketing is something every B2B company should be investing in. Contact Run2 to see how we can help. We’re a content marketing agency in Manchester with bags of experience helping businesses craft unique content tailored to their industry and their audience.