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Why you should hire a digital marketing agency to build your new website

Written by Jamie Ryder: Content executive.
· 4 minute read

When it comes to generating new leads for your business, a website is the most effective way to connect to customers. In order to keep people on your website then it needs to be up to date and tailored to different devices like mobile. A recent report from Hubspot revealed that 85% of adults 18 – 49 use multiple devices at the same time.

Building a website is time consuming, which is why hiring a digital marketing agency can be helpful. A marketing agency can save you time and energy. Here are some of the reasons why an agency is crucial to website design.

Writing content

Content forms the bulk of a website and it ranges from landing pages to blogs. Copywriters within a digital agency specialise in creating a variety of content. They’ll work with the seo specialists to optimise posts and make sure they are of interest to the target audience.

A mixture of short and long content is a good combination for a website. Copywriters will be able to write landing pages that are direct and give your customers the information they are looking for. Blog content will enable your business to build a reputation as an authority figure in a specific field.

SEO optimisation

Not only can a digital marketing agency help to create website content, but they’ll optimise the content as well. By using the right keywords, you’ll be able to rank for services that your customers are looking for. As a result, you’ll be more likely to show up in search engines.

User experience optimisation

User experience (ux) is a big part of lead generation because consumers want to be able to navigate a website with ease. A digital agency can optimise a website for ux in different ways. An agency can make use of customer data to understand what an audience wants through tools like Google Analytics.

An agency will also look into cross-channel promotion for your website. This may be through mobile or email and this omni-present approach will help to improve ux.

PPC expertise

Pay-per-click is an integral part of building and maintaining a successful website. Ppc provides data-driven results on how customers are using a website. It informs your return on investment and provides an insight into how to increase conversions.

A digital agency can run ppc campaigns and handle bid management. The management will ensure that an allocated budget for keywords isn’t being exceeded. An agency can also provide other ppc services like attribution modelling to ensure that website conversions are successful.

At Run 2 we provide all of these services and can help with developing a new website. For more information get in touch with us on 0161 236 7161.