Why We’re An Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

Over the past couple of years, we’ve established ourselves as leaders in all things digital. Here’s how we’ve done it and why it works.

The Run2 way:



The key to listening is that we take on board everything that our client is saying. Without understanding exactly what it is that they want, we are unable to carry out the work that they expect from us. Too often agencies just bulldoze their way through the work without first stopping to identify the goals and aspirations their clients have.



The digital world is forever evolving, and we know that we can always get better. To ensure that we don’t fall behind we are always reading up on the latest online changes, taking part in training courses and heading off to talks by industry experts.



We question the work we do, we question what our clients are doing, and we question what other agencies are doing. We’re never afraid to ask ourselves “could we be doing better?” It’s a philosophy that we have instilled in ourselves and something we like our clients to get on board with. Too often brands and digital agencies get stuck in their ways, carrying out work almost on autopilot without really evaluating whether it’s the best course of action. But we question everything.


Why our clients love working with us:



Digital marketing and particularly SEO, once had a bit of a bad reputation. Shrouded in mystery and with some agencies leaning towards ‘black hat techniques’ the industry hasn’t always been known for its openness and honesty. Digital marketing has come a long way since then but some agencies still struggle with transparency. But that’s not us.

All clients at Run2 have access to monthly reports, prepared by the people who do the work; access to timesheets and work logs; and can view shared content calendars and marketing plans. A client should never be guessing or questioning what they are paying for. We have nothing to hide and we’re proud of the work we do.

As a company we are confident in our expertise, if we believe that there is a better way to get the results you want than the way you want it doing, we will say. We believe this honest and up-front approach is the best way to get results.


Open Dialogue

Our clients have full access to those that are carrying out the work for them. A lot of agencies have account managers for their clients, but they aren’t the ones doing the work. They’re a sort of go between. A middleman between the client and the people working on the account. However, working this way can bring up some issues. Things can be interpreted in the wrong way, messages get lost in translation and clients can feel a little distanced from their account. By cutting out the middleman you cut out all these issues.

Whether it be on the phone, through email or with regular meetings we are never too busy for our clients.


Clear reporting

As previously mentioned, clients receive monthly reports on their performance. However, we make our reports clear and concise to ensure clients actually get something from them. Filling reports with confusing jargon isn’t going to help anything. So why bother? We provide our clients with the information they need and we always follow it up with an email or phone call to discuss any significant points.

Whilst we do use a template that we have created over a number of years for our reports, as our relationship with our clients grow so do their reports. We discuss with them what it is they want to see and develop their reports accordingly.



We are a fully integrated digital agency, meaning we have the capabilities to perform all your marketing, design and digital requirement in house. There is nothing hindering us from doing exactly what our clients want, or, what we think will work best for our clients, and this produces the best results. There’s no outsourcing or false promises. We have filled our agency with people who are experts in their field, from SEO, content and social, to design, development and PPC. Our clients know that we have the capabilities in house to deliver the results they need.