Why it’s ok to be a little goofy on your business social accounts

Written by Run2.
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Imagine this, it’s the year 2016, mainstream social media has been around long enough to see it’s first day of high school, and businesses are still petrified to be themselves on these platforms. Now don’t get me wrong, the internet can be a big scary place full of grammar police, chain mail (threatening imminent death if you don’t repost) and, *sighs loudly* trolls, but that’s nothing to be afraid of really.

The greatest thing about social media is that you can really dig deep and develop a persona for your business. With a Facebook business page you can literally become the BFF of your target audience and really speak to people on the level that you want to be seen at, but so many businesses opt instead to become this boring, monotonous voice of simply “this is our product” and shy away from the true opportunity that social media platforms have to offer.

What really cracks me up is that it can be some of the world’s most creative individuals sat behind that little screen, yet when it comes to a business post…. flooooop, the same monotonous dribble that every man and his dog spews out on social media. I seriously don’t understand, what’s with the fear of having a personality.?

People, real people, connect and engage with personalities. Posting monotonous droop all the time just isn’t going to grab the attention of your target audience. Spruce it up a bit, be creative, have fun. The more that you do to get people to connect with your business through social media the better. Your engagement will go up, ergo your reach will increase which means you’ll reach a whole new level of potential clients.

To be slightly sympathetic I do understand your fears. We live in a world full of criticism (trust me, I get it). Sometimes, not a day goes by without someone nitpicking at the small things, and it seems like there’s always going to be someone who has some unjustified hatred for your business. Do not let these people scare you away from getting creative on social media – in fact, in these instances get more creative; you’re witty, smart, a social genius.

Take a look at this great example of a true social star turning a pretty bad situation into a simply great day and tell me that you can’t do that yourself.

Why It's Okay To Be A Little Goofy On Your Business Social Media Accounts