Why choose a digital marketing agency to manage your ppc activity

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read


When deciding if you want to manage ppc through a digital marketing agency or in-house the decision ultimately comes down to identifying the risk.

Would you like ppc to be: A well-run account which is improved upon on a regular basis through constant optmisation? Or: an expensive, time consuming and confusing distraction? To often I have heard, “we tried ppc and it didn’t work.” So, here are 4 major talking points and reasons to hire a digital marketing agency to look after ppc for you.


PPC activity including Google Ads and Bing Ads ultimately takes time to set up, due to having to research keywords and create campaigns etc. Some people might think most of the work ends at this point, but in fact they always need constant management and monitoring.

Just to put some things into perspective.

Most keywords need to have at least 3 adtext variations, some of these will work better than others. So these need to be almost constantly tested and improved upon. Looking at things like cpc (cost per click) and ctr (click through rate) to ensure the best possible variations are shown to the customer, which reflect the business’s main usps.

We also need to keep track of competitors and optimise keyword bids in accordance with market changes and seasonal trends. It always worth keeping in mind the quality score, to ensure costs are kept down.

On top of this we need to look at keyword, device, time of day, ad extensions and location performance to ensure we are getting the perfect blend of optimised traffic to get the best results. This then informs any bidding or strategy in place. This needs to be looked at constantly, every day. Sounds intense right? Yeah well it’s my life..

All of this does obviously take lots of TIME and if you’re not an expert it will take even longer. If you currently have a team member running adwords, I suggest you work out the cost of that each month. How long is someone spending on the account? work out how much money that is costing the business? is it working profit wise? Trust me it adds up.



It might not just be time that you’re wasting but the account could also be wasting money too. Much like going out to the nearest drain and handsomely donating notes like its going out of fashion. ppc, especially in Google Ads, can definitely waste money if it’s not done properly.

I have seen anywhere from 15% to 70% of account budgets wasted on keywords that did not convert, or through poor negative matching.

You have to be careful with keyword match types and what types of negatives you choose. Google will show your ads to customers who search for a keyword you bid on. If you have phrase or broad match variations they will also show your ads to any search terms related to your keywords. For example you sell trainers, these keywords could trigger your ads;

  • football trainers
  • running trainers
  • personal trainers

In this circumstance, personal trainers is not relevant and you may not sell football trainers for example. So potentially only one of the search terms is relevant. Google does not make it straightforward to discover this. It’s of no surprise that Google’s biggest revenue maker is from Ads, is that drain starting to look a bit blocked with money?

Another example of ppc accounts that waste money is, having no conversion tracking. This can be difficult to set up and does normally require help. If there are no conversions set up, then even if the keywords and settings are set up properly there is no way of optimising the account. Identifying success becomes nearly impossible, again money wasted on terms that in truth, don’t convert.

A final example is not looking at quality score. This is how google rates your relevance to the customer or search term, essentially if this score is low you pay more than someone else whose score is better. Again wasting money on something that is avoidable.

You can probably tell from these examples that I have come across this a lot and it’s all easily avoidable.



Not sure what to say here, other than read above? Honestly.

Oh right okay. So the first thing we do is review everything from a paid perspective, starting with redefining the audience and keywords. Look at reducing the cost per conversion in the account through better account structure, keyword analysis, adtext improvement and landing pages that convert.

Doing all this will Improve conversion rate throughout the account, all with the aim to reduce the cpa. Once things start rolling, keep scaling up until you reach maximum client capacity. If you’re worried you might be failing a bit at Google Ads/ppc take a look at these 5 reasons why.

Simple right? Of course the beauty of working with a digital marketing agency on this, is being able to look at all the different touchpoints on a customer journey, how does ppc influence other channels? Do I need ppc and seo?

Understanding how ppc fits into your digital marketing strategy is also an important factor in choosing a digital marketing agency. If all this resource is in one place then all channels can work as one.



PPC is constantly changing, adding new features and new ways to advertise to potential customers. Keeping up to date with the latest technology, trends and optimisation techniques is a full time job.

Using Google Adwords as an example, they recently released responsive search ads in beta allowing advertisers to exploit more machine learning. New audience strategies have been released to give more focus on segments rather than just keywords. Finally, the new Adwords Interface has also now been rolled out.

Looking at everything that is involved with PPC, especially considering how complicated the likes of Google Adwords can be, it makes sense to employ a digital marketing agency to manage PPC activity. Their success is driven by the knowledge they have of the industry, just as you are the master of your business they are the master of digital marketing.

Instead think about the time you are taking to manage the account, are you wasting money? Do you honestly believe the results you are getting to be the best it possibly can be? And finally do you know all the latest trends and features? If you are unsure on any of these, why not get in touch about PPC?