Why B2B content marketing is so valuable

Written by Beth Cunniffe: Content manager.
· 4 minute read

Content marketing is undeniably a powerful business tool. According to research done by Content Marketing Institute, “92% of marketers say their organisation sees content as a critical business asset.” And in the B2B sphere, within a crowded marketplace with similar products and services, content is becoming increasingly valuable…

B2B buying is geared towards overcoming a problem and finding the best solution

B2B buying differs slightly from B2C in that the former is more of a rational decision. Whereas B2C buying is associated with emotional, impulsive purchases, B2B buying can be categorised as making more informed purchasing decisions.

It’s true that an emotional connection can form over time, but in the first instance the decision is usually always made from an analytical standpoint.

This is because B2B buying is generally more valuable and the stakes are higher. For example, if I buy a pair of jeans online for £20 and I hate them when they arrive, it’s not a big deal. However, if before I bought the jeans, I had to get the approval of a board of directors, ensure funds could be released, sign a contract and then had to pay a hefty retainer – it would become an issue if the jeans weren’t right.

So with that in mind, more time, research and thought usually goes into a B2B purchase than with a B2C purchase.

Which brings us on to content.

Your content meets your customers before you do

Before absolutely everything was located online, a prospective customer had to pick up the phone, call a business and actually speak to someone to find out information about a service or product. But now that the internet does exist and is filled with a seemingly endless supply of information, as well as a wealth of research and purchasing opportunities, it’s much more likely for a potential customer to speak to someone when they’re further along in their user journey.

According to B2B Marketing Lab, “the average buyer guides themselves through as much as 60% to 80% of the purchase decision process – reading blogs, eBooks, case studies, white papers and other marketing collateral – before even contacting a salesperson.”

It’s a simple fact that in business today, your content meets your customers before you get a chance to.

With that in mind, your content has a lot of work to do. Through your content, potential customers want to understand your business, what it does and how it’s helped others in similar situations. And that’s what makes it so valuable.

Tips for B2B content creation

Identify your audience

Think about who you’re creating the content for. Once you’ve done that you should find out what your audience needs help with. What are their struggles? What problems do they need to overcome? Only when you’ve done this can you begin to align your content with their interests and needs to provide the most value.

Identify you’re goals

What is it that you’re hoping to get from your content? Because if you haven’t identified that then how do you know what content needs to be created? Be aware that your goals can shift over time and can often be a mix of different things. For example, lead generation, sales or brand awareness.

Identify when you need help

Nobody knows a company and its products more than the business owner. But creating a bank of fresh and updated content is a mammoth task. And with a business to run, content can often get relegated to the bottom of the to-do list. So identifying that you need help can be a massive boon to your business. By employing a content marketing agency you can take a collaborative approach, sharing your own knowledge and expertise to deliver the very best results.