When to redesign your website

Written by Ignacio O'Mullony: Web designer.
· 4 minute read

Once you have created a website for your business, it may feel you can cross out that task from your to do list. Unfortunately, a corporate website should be considered as a dynamic element which needs to evolve.

Design trends change slowly but constantly. You should always be faithful to your brand, but the way you apply it on your website needs a periodic revision. If you have a look at how the sites of companies such as Airbnb or Uber have evolved, you can see how between each update the changes are not that obvious but still, the changes are there.

Maybe your company can’t afford having a specific team to work on your site too often, however, you should do the exercise of looking at your online presence and be frank. Does your website need a redesign? These are the things you should have in mind:



As we said, refreshing the look of your site can go a long way in how your visitors see you. An old website says a lot about the way you consider whoever has arrived to your web, and the first impression counts even more when it’s so easy to close a window and look for a new site which meets the expectations of the user.



We are in 2019 and it’s still not that uncommon discovering sites which are not responsive and don’t have a bespoke version for the smaller screens. That’s something you can’t afford, as one of each two visitors to your site do it from a smartphone.


Improved user flow

Which are the metrics of your site?  Every website is different and have a different purpose, but sometimes tweaking certain aspects of it can help your business improve. Performing A/B tests can be a good way to find out whether you can polish the flows in your site, but depending on the current state of your site it may be better to start from scratch and make the most of your site.


What do you think? Does your website need a redesign? If you’re unsure, our web design team can take a look at your site and give it an audit, outlining where we would improve from a UX and design perspective.