What Makes Copywriters Tick?

Written by Linzi Hunter: Head of design.
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Every good marketing agency is a well-oiled machine made up of intertwined cogs that work together towards the same end goal.

One of those all important cogs is the copywriting team.

It’s widely considered within the industry that copywriters are the most under appreciated people in the marketing sector. Now this may have originated from copywriters themselves, in which case, we need to take it with a pinch of salt.

But it’s easy to see why copywriters would feel under appreciated (regardless of whether they’re being overly sensitive or temperamental) when you look at how other disciplines are viewed within the field.

Take web designers and developers for example. They both do a difficult job that requires learning specialised skills. You can’t just open Adobe illustrator and build a website without any experience. And you can’t just wing some HTML code. But copywriters? Well they just write words – we learn that at school right?

Whilst designers and developers are playing around with fancy tools and programmes, copywriters are using one of the first tools we learn as kids – the alphabet. Plus, everyone writes all the time. We write emails, Facebook posts, texts and letters. So if we can all write, we can all be copywriters can’t we?

Well, no.

Pull a stranger off the street with no experience and ask them to be a copywriter for a day. Ask your developer or designer to write a blog, some web copy or an advertising slogan and they’ll probably struggle.

Because copywriting is so much more than just writing. If you’re going to write about a company/brand/product, you need to understand it. You need to go deeper – deeper than a designer or developer needs to go to create a brilliant website. Great pictures and designs will capture people’s attention but when combined with great copy, they can change people’s behaviour. Basically, content is important.

There’s also a lot of aspects of copywriting that are unseen. There’s reading the brief, processing the brief, research and simple thinking time to account for. That’s all done even before pen is put to paper. Or fingers put to keyboard in this day and age.

It’s because of this “unseen work” that many people think they can write but very few think they can design or develop a website.


The Direct Marketing Association conducted one of the most in-depth surveys ever taken, asking copywriters a multitude of questions about what they really think of their role within the industry, and how they think they’ve viewed by in-house employees and external clients. Everything from their favourite type of copy to write, and the obstacles they face, to the department most likely to suffer budget cuts was discussed.

We’ve collected the best and most interesting snippets for you and made them into this handy infographic.

What Makes Copywriters Tick? Run2

So what do you think? Do you value the copywriters within your agency? Do you think they get the recognition they deserve? Should they stop being so whiny and just get on with it? Let us know.


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