The Dark Knight Raises The Bar For Viral Marketing…

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

Creating a buzz through viral marketing campaigns

So, who’s been to see the eagerly awaited final part of the batman trilogy “The Dark Knight Rises”? If not, you’re bound to have seen the trailer – but what many of us don’t realise is that superfans of the summer blockbuster had to work hard to ‘unlock’ it!

This was down to a brilliantly clever viral marketing campaign. Fans helped to release the new trailer frame by frame by helping Gotham City Police Department locate Batman and track down pieces of graffiti he’d left in different parts of the world.

Each time someone found a piece of graffiti, they would photograph it, tag it via social media and unlock a new frame!  Devoted fans managed to piece together the whole trailer in a matter of hours, proving the viral campaign to be a huge success.

This is great (albeit pretty extreme) example of how getting people involved and creating a buzz can really increase brand awareness. With regards to SEO, although it’s unlikely that you’ll have the budget of Warner Bros, it’s always good to look for innovative ways to get people talking and set your business apart from the crowd.

Think about the average attention span of an Internet user; they are more likely to engage with something visually different – like a video or image, and then share your ideas through various online means. Even an impressive piece of written content can really get the reader hooked. Ultimately this is going to increase traffic to your site/blog and boost your search engine rankings!

Your viral marketing campaign doesn’t necessarily have to be self promoting – it would probably have a more positive impact if you touched upon something funny/interesting surrounding your business, or involved a message that people can relate to.  You could even take a leaf out of Batman’s book and allow people to somehow participate.

Either way, putting time and effort into planning a creative viral campaign can really benefit your online presence.