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Twitter’s crackdown on fake accounts and why it’s so important

Written by Hannah McNicholls: Junior Digital Designer.
· 4 minute read

Did you notice that your twitter followers may have taken a big dip last month? The social media giant Twitter has taken the step to crackdown on fake accounts. Roughly 6% off all total twitter accounts will be deleted in the process.

So, why is this? To eliminate social media fraud and make engagement and metrics more realistic. Due to all the fake accounts, that are normally bought, it’s harder to understand a brand’s true influence. Companies prefer the easier option of buying followers, as it gives your company a credible reputation for a very reasonable price.

How does it work? Twitter detects sudden changes in accounts, for example by sharing broken links, or abnormal tweeting patterns, and sends the account owner an email about the surprising activity. If the owner doesn’t respond, twitter locks the account. Many of the fake profiles are thought to be used by trolls or remotely controlled bots that abuse the service.

In May, Twitter announced that it was locking almost 10 million accounts deemed to be suspicious per week. These profiles will now have been removed, reducing users followers. For most people we will see very little change; others with a larger following will experience a bigger drop to their ego. The manoeuvre has already had an impact, mainly for celebrities. Adele lost 928,000 followers, bringing her to just under 28 million. President Donald Trump’s following fell by 100,000 and Barack Obama’s down 400,000.

The positives from Twitter’s policies means brands can focus more on the quality of what they are advertising and targeting posts to there audiences desire.