My Top 4 SEO Misconceptions

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

I’m running adwords, I don’t need SEO

Not true. Admittedly adwords is great and a must for any full online marketing strategy, but it must be ran in conjunction with an equally strategic and well optimisedĀ  SEO campaign. By all means, with the right campaign you are certainly going to achieve a good level of traffic and conversions, but you could be achieving a lot more with the right search campaign. Run2 recently had a client who had neither a PPC campaign nor an SEO campaign when we started. Once we had put together a PPC campaign for them, they quickly started to convert a lot of their adwords traffic and were soon flying ahead with a great ROI. At the same time we were hard at work putting together a killer SEO strategy. The client now sees almost equal conversion rates and revenue from both PPC and organic traffic.

I’m already ranking quite well for my desired keywords so I can stop now, right?

On your head be it. SEO takes time, hard work and a lot of effort. It may seem like it’s you vs Google a lot of the time, but in reality you are competing with multiple websites and multiple people. You may not always see your competitors, but they are definitely out there. SEO is constantly changing and evolving, and people are always out there trying to take your position away from you. If you start to tune down your SEO strategy, it won’t be long until your rankings start to drop and your competitors soon start overtaking you. If this happens, you may not get back to your previous position as quickly as you’d like. Don’t take the risk.

We rank No.1 for our main keyword, why is our traffic still so low?

Unfortunately, people just don’t search how you want them to search. You may rank No.1 for your top keyword, but how many people are really searching for that? Everyone talks different, everyone types differently, everyone searches differently. The most important thing to do is make sure you are targeting multiple levels user queries. Some people will search as browsers, they aren’t looking to buy just yet, they want to do plenty of research first to find the perfect product for them. These people are much more likely to use long tail keywords, asĀ  they aren’t quite sure what they are looking for, whereas some people will be looking to purchase whilst they are searching and will know exactly what they are looking for. These people will use more specific keywords in order to find what they want.

We just launched a new website, this will surely improve our rankings

Launching a new website can be the best thing you ever do for your online business. Many people often let their website lapse for years and years without refreshing, but at the pace websites are moving, it’s important to stay ahead of the game. The problem usually occurs when people build a website, but forget to take many SEO best practices into account. Websites are often usually built by specialists, but these specialists are usually web developers, and are not often SEO specialists. Launching a website without taking into account things like redirects, Title tags, url structure etc can have serious impacts on your ranking, and more importantly your revenue. Make sure it’s done properly by letting the experts do it for you.