Top 3 ecommerce tricks you should be leveraging 

Written by Karl Chevalier: Senior digital executive.
· 4 minute read

If you’re looking to improve your ecommerce website, here are three tricks you should be leveraging.

Tailor the experience

This might sound like an obvious trick, but many ecommerce sites fail to leverage the full power of cookies to tailor the experience to their users. By knowing exactly who your client is and what they are looking for, you can drastically increase the chances of making a sale. A great example of this working in practice is Amazon. Simply spending a couple of minutes browsing their website will see your next visit littered with the products you’ve previously viewed on their site.

You can then start to build up an audience profile, pushing special offers to certain demographics as well as showing them previously viewed products and up-selling products that match their interests and search history.  Custom Cookie Co saw an 89% increase in conversion rate on their new website by creating a tailored experience.

Multiple checkout options

One of the largest customer drop-off points is the checkout. There can be a number of reasons for this, such as buyer anxiety or the realisation that they can get the product cheaper elsewhere. However, offering multiple checkout options here can drastically reduce the amount of drop-offs you see. These days people expect to be able to check out with little to no fuss, that means reducing the amount of hurdles it takes to actually buy the product.

As many people already have Amazon accounts, setting up Amazon Pay could be a great way of increasing your online conversions. Allsaints managed to increase their checkout conversions by 34% after implementing Amazon Pay.

This offers the ability to offer a familiar checkout solution to your website whereby many people probably already have accounts. This reduces the amount of time it takes a customer to check out, and in turn increases the likelihood of them checking out. Speed and convenience are key in today’s fast-paced ecommerce sector.

Developing your own checkout experience designed around your products and customers can also be a good step towards increased conversions. Design your checkout process to have as few steps as possible, be as quick as possible, and have little to no distractions.

Live Chat

When it comes to increasing sales online, the stumbling block may not always be the lack of choice, but rather having too much choice. If you offer multiple products that are similar, or you specialise in a product that people may not know much about, having an online sales chat available can help customers understand your products and make up their mind. It can also be used to help push customers in the right direction, showing them multiple product options or even up-selling products and accessories where relevant.

Live chats don’t always have to be live, either. During your busy periods you can have manned live chats, and when you’re a little quieter you can simply turn the chat into a contact form. Despite not being an ecommerce site, IEC Aborad leverages the power of a live chat feature to help students find the right courses for them.

IEC Abroad live chat

Due to the nature of services that IEC Abroad offers, having a live chat function is a great way for their team to gather information on users and most importantly answer questions quickly and efficiently. Being able to talk to multiple students at once increases the amount of enquiries IEC Abroad can process each month.