How to make your budget go further within insurance PPC campaigns

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

So you need to advertise your insurance company? Should be simple right? Nearly everyone has some form of insurance, if you build it they will come… right?

Well just be careful, the insurance industry is one of the most expensive and competitive set of keywords you can bid on in the PPC world. It is suspected that the average CPC costing across the industry is a staggering £11.94. The only industries which cost more are casinos, gambling, real estate and the finance sector.

Bearing all this in mind, here are the 5 main things to consider in order to start making your money go further for insurance PPC campaigns.

Don’t go crazy.

As we mentioned before the CPC (cost per click) can be fairly high, so it might be best not to get yourself into a crazy bidding war with someone who might ultimately have more money than you do. You will probably notice in the insurance industry an aggregator or a really established brand sitting at number 1, not really caring for the cost just trying to bully the market. Focus on being above organic traffic and therefore you won’t need to pay the crazy prices to be number 1, you can save anywhere between 15/20% on CPC costings as a result.

This means you can actually obtain more clicks per the budget, making the money go a bit further. The only drawback for this could be that the quality of traffic might be slightly worse than higher positions may receive. But we’ll address this in the next point.

Stand out.

We have already mentioned you don’t have to be position 1, which means you can already start saving some money. Now in order to still ensure you get quality traffic, make yourself stand out and ask yourself; what are your USPs? Are you the cheapest? The best customer service? The nicest?

Whatever it might be, own it and tell the world. Let’s face it, insurance is boring; forms, forms and more forms, so change it up. Writing compelling Adtext and having engaging content on the landing pages is key to both tempting customers to click on your ad instead of your competitors, and engaging with you landing pages and website to ultimately convert.

Rather than being robotic or too compliance heavy. It’s better to sound genuine and speak like a real person. We have already spoke about measuring the success of content in the insurance industry, and the same logic can be applied here. From an Adtext point of view the better it is, the higher the CTR (click through rate) will be. This can lead to a better quality score and eventually cheaper CPCs. Finally on this point, if the content is really engaging on the site then this should also improve conversions, which in turn can decrease the CPA (cost of acquisition). All this will be making your money go further.

Landing pages & customer experience.

Throughout the insurance industry we see dated websites, old customer journeys and bland looking landing pages. In order to make your money go further we need to ensure we actually convert the customers we attract. The important of landing pages for PPC success is well documented. And ensuring we both enhance the customer experience with a simple customer journey and engage them with relevant content is the key to making your money go further in the insurance industry. It will probably be a refreshing change for a customer who is expecting to answer 100s of questions. Instead the journey is streamlined and the landing page looks and reads really well.


Extensions are probably one of the most understated features of PPC, and can really help you stand out even further. For those who don’t know, Extensions are additional bits of information you can supply to a platform like Google Ads to accompany your Adtext, in order to inform customers more about your business.

Examples of these are things like; Site links, Call outs, Price, Reviews. Including these can help you increase your CTR and ultimately reduce CPC costings, meaning your money can go further! Considering how expensive the CPCs can be in the insurance industry, for PPC it’s worth doing.

Keyword mine.

So you have set up your Google Ads PPC account, and maybe you have a digital marketing agency managing it for you. You have probably quickly realised how expensive everything is. Well my final tip is to keyword mine and not to focus too much on hero terms, don’t worry I am not asking you to grab a pickaxe or anything like that. Basically you will likely be bidding on a range of Keyword types, so try to discover the Long-Tail keywords that are converting.

For example, “Insurance” would be a hero term but “buy insurance online” is more of a longtail term. There is more “buying” intent from longtail, so switch focus onto these. Long-Tail keywords are more likely to be cheaper as less businesses may have already discovered them. As you build these out they will eventually save you money and ensure your money goes further.

Finally to summarise, there are many challenges in the insurance industry but to put it bluntly, don’t be boring. Have a good customer experience and be sensible with your bidding, that way your money can go further. If you are struggling with PPC or want to make your money go further – get in touch.