Think With Google Releases New ‘Rising Retail Categories’ Tool

Written by Run2.
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Google has released a new interactive tool to allow us to understand rising retail categories within Google Search. 

With an increased demand for more insights and data into how consumer interests are changing, during a time where consumer demand is fluctuating constantly, the tool has been designed to help marketers stay informed about which products are in high demand during the current Coronavirus pandemic

This is the first time Google has provided us with these types of insights, with the data updated daily to reflect changes in Search interests.

How does it work?

Rising Retail Categories is easy to use, and works in a similar way to another popular tool by Google – Google Trends.

The tool shows a list of top trending product categories alongside the percentage increase in consumer interest for that category. 

Google Rising Retail Categories Tool

The tool also allows users to filter results by country (currently only UK, USA and Australia is available). Users can also change the percentage increase comparison from monthly to weekly or yearly.

Clicking into a product category will then show users which queries are rising fastest within that category in the selected country for the selected timeframe.

growing search queries

As many households across the country recognised VE Day, queries for ‘ve day bunting’ and  ‘union jack bunting’ were both top growing queries within the party streamers and curtains product category. 

How can retailers use these insights?

Google has also offered us some ideas as to how retailers can begin using these insights. 

  • Content creation – Creating content around growing product categories. For example, when noticing ‘VE day bunting’ as a growing search term, retailers could produce engaging content around throwing a VE Day celebration at home.
  • Promotion – Discover which products are most in demand at the moment and use this data to inform current sales and promotions on your website. You can also use this data to inform ways in which to promote your product.
  • Product ideas – Use the data to inspire new products to offer to your customers.

If your e-commerce business needs any help with staying a step ahead during the pandemic, we can help you to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level by taking advantage of rising trends. Get in touch to see how we can help.

To get started with the Rising Retail Categories tool, click here