The Relationship Between Website Design and Consumer Trust

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

There’s more to web design than making things look pretty. High quality web design needs to have user experience in mind and can have a massive impact on how consumers perceive your site, as well as your conversion rates.

When it comes to Google and other search engines having trust in your website, we know that ‘Content is King.’

Your content can tell the world that you know your stuff. That you’re the Beyoncé of industrial roofing. The Marlon Brando of accounting. Or the Cristiano Ronaldo of digital marketing.

But when it comes to gaining the trust of people, web design plays a vital role. Arguably, even more so than content.

We all know someone who refuses to shop online and will never dare enter their card details online for fear of being scammed or their details being stolen – but we all carry some degree of reservation with online interactions. We judge websites based on their appearance and that affects whether we place our trust in them, and ultimately use their services.

In the study ‘Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites,’ 94% of comments directly related to web design features whilst only 6% mentioned the content specifically. The study also highlighted the following areas of concern:

  • Busy/fussy layouts
  • Slow loading pages
  • Pop-up advertisements
  • Boring designs
  • Poorly presented text that is difficult to read

The presence of the above features immediately deters users, doesn’t allow them time to establish trust and makes them more likely to click off your website and onto a competitor. It’s all to do with user experience.

If your website throws up too many obstacles, or a user has trouble finding what they’re looking for, they’re going to give up and find someone else that can help them. If you can’t give them what they want in a time-effective and enjoyable way, you’ve lost your chance at building a relationship with them.

Look, us humans are incredibly lazy, impatient and we want things handed to us on a platter. We don’t want to have to put in the work to find out the information we need. How many times have you Googled something only to grow frustrated when you don’t have the answer within 3 seconds?

That’s why it is so essential that your website design is easy to navigate because if not, it will have a direct impact on your conversion rates. If there’s a natural flow to your website that a user can follow in a fluid and intuitive way, they’re more likely to continue right to the end and complete a transaction. Whether this is buying from your website or enquiring about one of your services.

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