The New Google Shopping Experience: Google’s answer to Amazon?

Written by Gemma Holloway: Senior PPC Executive.
· 3 minute read

Google announced plans for the new Google Shopping experience back in May 2019 and has now gone live in the US with a host of new features. 

The major revamp comes as a direct response to Amazon’s ever-increasing search ad revenue, rapidly closing in on Google’s market share. 

While Google still retains the lion’s share of the search advertising market, ‘73.1% of the US market’ according to eMarketer, and will remain the dominant player over the next few years, Amazon’s share has increased to 13% and is expected to keep on growing. 



With Amazon slowing eating away at their market share, the overhaul couldn’t come soon enough for Google. 

The newly refurbished experience has been completely redesigned to streamline searching, researching and purchasing across web and physical stores, all in one personalised platform.

Google has certainly taken a leaf out of Amazon’s book with the new Shopping Homepage displaying personalised recommendations, ‘buy it again’ items and ‘continued’ searches based on users’ shopping and search histories. 

Don’t just search on Google, buy on Google!

One of Amazon’s biggest advantages is the ability to purchase items from multiple sellers in a swift, simple checkout process, so it comes as no surprise to see Google implement something similar. 

The new ‘Buy on Google’ feature allows customers to add products to a universal shopping cart and pay via Google’s checkout using the payment details saved in their Google account. This means shoppers can buy from thousands of stores directly on Google, in just a few clicks. 

Each purchase comes with a Google guarantee for added customer reassurance and easy returns.



Keep tabs on prices to grab the best deal

One thing that really sets the new Google Shopping apart from its biggest rival is the price tracking feature. Found a product you like? Just turn on the Track Price toggle to receive mobile notifications when the price drops. 



Shop Local – Find products and stores near you

Another great advantage for Google is the ability to filter for nearby products, find the stores which have the product you want and see if it’s in stock or not. This is ideal for anyone who “needs something in the moment or wants to touch an item before you buy”. 

What does this mean for users? 

The rollout of the new Google Shopping is significant in providing users with a universal shopping cart and checkout ensuring a fast, seamless and secure process from initial search straight through to payment without even leaving the platform. 


What does this mean for businesses? 

It looks inevitable that businesses currently advertising on Google Shopping will need to integrate with Google Shopping Actions to ensure prominent exposure, once available in the UK. Google Shopping Actions is a commission-based programme that allows you to sell products on Google and Google Surfaces including Assistant.   


When can we expect a roll out to the UK? 

Unfortunately a date has not been announced for a UK roll out although we hope sooner rather than later. Watch this space. 


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