The new Google Ads Editor: what we loved and what we didn’t love so much

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

PPC professionals would be lost without Google Ads Editor. Creating large scale campaigns is simply unrealistic without the editor platform and it’s become a fan favourite over the years thanks to its ease and of creating bulk edits and the simplicity of managing huge accounts.

With the inauguration of the new platform only a week ago, we’ve been diving into the platform ever since and found a few things we love and a couple of things we didn’t love so much!

What we loved

The clean, attractive layout

It goes without saying that the old Google Ads Editor platform looked a bit dated. Despite working well, the overall design just looked a little bit noughties! Google has recently rebranded Google Adwords to Google Ads so it was only a matter of time before the editor platform was rebranded to the much sleeker, stylish Google Ads brand. So far, thumbs up for design!

The new location of the edit panel

The edit panel now sits directly to the right of the screen and has much more real estate space within the platform compared to the old platform where it sat directly at the bottom. There’s also now a search function within the edit panel so it’s easy to find the section of a campaign, ad group or ad that you want to edit.

Making changes to multiple campaigns is much simpler

If you have various campaigns you want to make multiple similar changes to i.e. changing the automated bidding strategy, locations or budgets, it’s now a much simpler process and the new edit panel helps to simplify the process.

Better ways to manage smart bidding

When managing your smart bidding, whether changing your bidding target or changing bidding strategy completely, Google Ads Editor now gives you estimated CPA targets (when available). Previously this was only available through the Google Ads platform. Google’s suggested CPA targets are always a good indicator of where to start with your smart bidding, so bare Google’s advice in mind!

The new search function

In the new Google Ads Editor, you’ll see the new search functionality so you can quickly find the right campaign, keyword or ad that you’re looking for. This also ties in with the new search function in the edit panel. Both save time flicking through huge campaigns and endless tabs!

What we didn’t love

The shared keyword library

It appears that shared negative keyword lists are still unavailable within the Google Ads Editor platform. If you want to add negative keywords across multiple campaigns, the easiest way to do this is through the Google Ads platform. This is a huge missed opportunity for Google not to have included this in the updated platform as it would save PPC professionals time when creating negative keyword lists.

Reviewing uploaded changes isn’t very clear

When uploading new changes to your account you always have to review and approve the changes. With the new, minimal design, this wasn’t as clear as it used to be. The approve/decline buttons blend in far too seamlessly with the minimal design, a bit of UX hiccup!


The new Google Ads Editor platform looks great, works great and speeds up a lot of processes. We’re glad the branding of the platform now matches that of Google’s other products and the sleek design really does look great. Despite a few UX issues that make have made usability a little more complicated, the overall UX changes have been positive in our opinion and we believe it’ll save PPC professionals time with their account management.