The most important emails your fashion startup can send

Written by Melanie Smith: Digital marketing manager.
· 4 minute read

In the world of fashion, email marketing allows brands to not only get their latest styles in front of customers,  but also enables brands to create better customer experiences, increase conversion rate and improve on average order value.

Whilst a generic email featuring your styles might be a good place to start, there is so much more to a great email marketing strategy for fashion, including personalised and automated campaigns. From style tips to customer rewards, here are just a few of the most important emails your fashion startup can send.

The welcome email

Here’s your chance to make a good first impression on your new subscriber, so use this email to introduce them to your brand and make them feel a little bit special. Welcome emails offer the perfect opportunity to entice someone who is new to your brand to make their first purchase.

Outline what your new subscriber can expect from you in future emails, what are the benefits of being a subscriber? If you can, offering a % discount acts as a nice reward and a way to encourage your subscriber to get shopping. It’s also good to include links to your social profiles to give them further opportunity to get to know your brand,

forever 21 welcome email

The cart abandonment email

If you’re not sending cart abandonment emails, then you could be missing out on revenue from customers who, for whatever reason, don’t complete their purchase.

These automated emails are an easy way of recapturing sales that could have otherwise been lost, but it’s important to get it right. Your fashion brand needs to encourage shoppers to complete their purchase, without appearing annoying!

levis abandoned cart

Start by considering why a shopper may not have completed their purchase. Could the shipping costs have put them off? If so, could you offer them free shipping in your cart abandonment email? Could your shopper require extra time and information about your products before making their purchase? Use your email to give them the extra details they may need to hit checkout.

Adding a sense of urgency can also increase the success of your cart abandonment email. Letting them know that their chosen style is selling quick or limited in stock could give them the nudge they need to complete the purchase.

levis abandoned cart

These abandoned cart emails from Levi’s featured an expiring discount code, as well as offering styling suggestions to help encourage shoppers to complete their purchase.

The birthday rewards email

Everybody loves to feel special on their birthday, your customers included!

This personalised email is a great way of rewarding your subscribers. Can you offer them a discount, or free shipping on their birthday? A new outfit for their birthday celebrations becomes all the more tempting if they feel they’re getting a good deal.

Birthday emails are brilliant because not only do they show your customers you appreciate them, but by adding an incentive to shop, you’re likely to encourage extra sales you may not have captured otherwise.

topshop birthday email

The purchase follow up email

Turn your one time, new shoppers into repeat purchasers who are loyal your brand!

Follow up emails have the potential to improve user experience, whilst keeping your fashion brand at the top of your customers mind.

Go further than the generic order confirmation email. If you can inject some personality, make your customer feel valued or provide some useful information in your follow up email, you’re sure to have more success.

As a fashion brand, why not send purchasers outfit pairing suggestions and examples? This means you can not only help your customers get the most out of their new purchase, but you are building a great relationship at the same time.

The re-engagement email

Many brands focus all their efforts into attracting new customers, whilst forgetting about retaining existing ones.

Sending automated emails to reactivate customers who haven’t shopped with you for a while is a great way of re-engaging these customers with your brand and products.

One way to reawaken past customers is to offer a tempting discount, particularly if this offer is only for a limited time. Adding a time limit can help to jolt these subscribers into action!

However, a discount isn’t always necessary. Let your subscribers know you miss them, update them on what’s new – perhaps you’ve improved your website, added a new range of styles, or won an award for your great customer service – let your lapsed customers know, placing your brand back in the forefront of their minds and giving them a reason to return

ASOS re engagement email

The personalised email

According to Accenture, 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from retailers who personalise their customer journey. As a fashion brand, you can send your subscribers personalised product recommendations, based on their browsing behaviour and purchase history, straight into their inbox.

topshop personalised email


Email marketing can be a powerful marketing channel for fashion startups, but in order for campaigns to be successful, it’s important to tailor messaging and content to your target customer.

These campaigns can be a great place to start, but remember to continually test your campaigns, and take insights from data in order to discover what works best for your brand.

If your fashion start up needs any help with email marketing, get in touch!