The Internet: From Megabites to Zettabytes

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

The internet is changing everyday and it has come a long way since Queen Elizabeth sent her first email in 1976 and the World Wide Web just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
With experts worrying that we will all run out of hard drive space in 2020, it can make you wonder how big the data actually is and what it means in terms of photos or video.

I remember when Apple released their iPods with 64gb space available. 16,000 songs? Did I even own that much music in the first place back in the day? Of course not.
With Social Media making content much more easy to share and make viral, internet traffic is going through the roof, making websites such as Imgur and Reddit crash from time to time.

By the year 2017, 69% of internet traffic will be video, making it extremely important that you look into Video Marketing for your business and how we could help target customers with different campaigns and platforms.

It’s crazy to believe that over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube
and this is why YouTube personalities are doing so well financially, creating hype for products and becoming endorsed by brands to talk about them in their videos. This has quickly turned YouTube into a money making machine and it’s difficult not to take notice.
If you want to begin Video Marketing, have a look at these tips and see what direction you would like to take for your business.

Now in 2015, we could see the world being introduced to the Zettabyte.