The importance of strategy in marketing

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 2 minute read

Imagine a football team without coaches (or frankly just watch any of Arsenal’s recent games), whilst the players are all individually competent, there’s a good chance you end up with full backs flying up without their defensive mids dropping back to cover, or half the team using zonal marking at corners, whilst the other half are marking their opposite number. 

It’s a bit like digital marketing without a strategy. Whilst your PPC campaigns may generate leads and your social ads are increasing brand awareness, if they’re not working towards the same goal then you could be wasting your budgets, and at the very least you won’t be maximising your return on investment.

Unfortunately it seems to be an all too common occurrence that brands are being held back by their lack of a coherent strategy. This is primarily a problem because there is nobody tying it all together, and directing the activity of each individual component of their companies digital marketing activity. 

The worst part is that it’s dead simple to at least have a basic strategy in place. Simply by plotting out key dates (whether it be Black Friday or World Biscuit Rolling Day), it helps to align your digital marketing team and ensure that the PPC team are pushing the right keywords, and not overlapping too heavily with the work of the SEO team. 

However, it’s not just about planning ahead, there must also be a heavy reliance on analysis of the data, and using this to inform and adapt your strategy moving forwards. Are you suddenly finding that certain keywords or landing pages are driving an uplift in sales, is this being communicated across all departments to ensure they are all learning from other channels?

All too often however, we see that marketing teams are left to their own devices to pretty much pick and choose what they focus on and when, instead of implementing complementary strategies that produce a much greater overall uplift, and help provide longevity rather than short term gains. 

We know that it can be quite daunting trying to plan and implement a digital strategy completely from scratch, so why not come in and have a chat to find out how we can help deliver and implement a plan of action that will help your business succeed.