The importance of local SEO for law firms

Written by Karl Chevalier: Senior digital executive.
· 4 minute read

Whether your law firm is situated in a smaller city such as Chester or placed somewhere a little busier such as Manchester, it’s more than likely you have a fair amount of competition on your doorstep. 

You know the importance of ranking highly for your main search terms, but you’ve also heard it’s easier said than done. However, with a strong focus and a good grasp of your competition, taking control of your keywords can actually be easier than you may have first thought.

But before we dive into the process of ranking locally, let’s first look at what local SEO means for lawyers and why you should invest in this rather than alternative forms of marketing.

SEO is built to last 

Good SEO is about creating a website that is authoritative with content that not only speaks to search engines in order to rank, but also speaks to its audience in a language which helps it convert browsers into researchers and researchers into purchasers. 

Local SEO can deliver fast results 

If you are competing or a national or even international level, gaining authority and starting to rank can take months to years, however, if you are only looking to rank locally within your town or borough, this can be achieved relatively quickly.

The ability to rank for a certain keyword is essentially down to the amount of competition surrounding that keyword, the more people actively optimising for that keyword, the harder it will be to rank for it. Therefore, if you are only looking to rank locally to begin with you should have a much easier time generating traffic and ranking for your desired keyword sets.

Local SEO yields higher value customers

If you offer a good service, i.e you offer a service that is on par or outweighs that of what your competition offers in your local catchment area then customers are unlikely to travel to competitors further afield, thus resulting in customers choosing a company which is local to them.

With a well-rounded local digital marketing strategy in place, you can target multiple keywords for a variety of services within your local area, using wording which will resonate with your local audience, thus increasing your conversion rate.

How to succeed locally

Establish your target locations

Now you know the importance of local SEO, it’s important to start thinking about what’s going to encourage your potential client base from choosing you over your competition. Firstly, you need to make sure your potential clients are aware of you and come across your site when searching for various keywords. To do this, it’s important to work out your desired catchment area, i.e which location and sub locations are you looking to target people from?

For example, if you are a law firm within the Chester area, this will be your main location you will be targeting. However, as this is a main town, there will likely be more competition here. Therefore, it’s important to also target sub locations, with smaller populations, as there will also be less competition.

Once you have established these sub locations you can then start to really tailor your content and landing page designs to speak to these individual locations. Using different wording and visual elements for each sub-location is a key element of increasing conversion rates. People are much more likely to convert if they can relate to a company and feel like a company is speaking to them, and therefore the more locations you can accurately target, the better.

Build Trust

There are many review sites that local companies can take advantage of, but none more important than Google Business. Specifically designed for local businesses, this is a great way to start establishing your trust element within your local catchment area and can not only help increase click-through rates but can also lead to direct conversions.