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The importance of landing pages for PPC success

Written by Dan Ockerby: PPC executive.
· 3 minute read

PPC success doesn’t start and end with account optimisations, in fact, one of the biggest factors in driving PPC success comes from having strong landing pages. Why? Because even though you may have hit the nail on the head with your PPC account targeting, you still need to get users to convert on your site. There’s no use in having an excellent PPC account if you can’t get users to engage or convert with your site.

There’s a simple formula for landing page success. Strong CTAs, a simple conversion path, good imagery, concise content and an overall clean and user-friendly design. If you get these right, you’ll see huge improvements.

We’ve listed some areas below where landing pages can have a positive impact on your PPC success.


Landing pages can drive conversions and improve your conversion rate

If your landing page follows the formula for success above then you’ll see your number of conversions and conversion rate improve massively. The main goal of a landing page is ultimately to make it as easy as possible for the user to convert. Presenting the USPs of your company, service or product in an impactful and concise way to keep the user’s attention is an equally important goal of any PPC landing page.


Great PPC landing pages can cut costs

By increasing your websites conversion rate, this, in turn, will drive down your cost per acquisition making advertising for your business more viable. Not only does it drive down your cost per acquisition, but a good landing page is also recognised by Google Ads as having a good ‘landing page experience’. Google rewards good user experiences with cheaper keyword bids (see next point about Google’s quality score).


Your quality score will improve

Following on from the point above, having a good landing page experience improves your quality score. Quality score is made up of 3 factors, ad relevance, landing page experience and expected click-through rate. By having a good landing page experience, Google will reward you with cheaper bids (CPC), will show your ads more than your competitors and also place you in higher ad positions!


Landing pages generate insightful data on your audience

You can learn a lot about your audience from the data gathered by landing pages. Setting up heat maps and user site recordings can really help you to understand how your audience engages with your site and the brand. Google Analytics also has a variety of powerful tools that digest your audience’s interactions and behaviour on your landing pages and how your landing pages play a role in the user conversion path.


Improved engagement with targeted landing pages

Unlike your main site which receives traffic from various sources and is more rigid in its approach to user engagement, you can afford to take more risks with a PPC landing page. PPC landing pages are isolated from the other traffic sources so you can be more adventurous with your design and testing. Whether you’re looking improve user engagement with content, imagery, design or UX, a PPC landing page can give you the freedom to explore these avenues. 


PPC landing pages provide fast results

One of the big pros of testing PPC landing pages is the control you have over user traffic flows. You can increase or decrease the number of users you want depending on your budget. Not happy with the results? You can pause the user traffic instantaneously. Testing this way can give you much quicker results than relying on traffic from your other channels.


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