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The Do’s & Don’ts Of How To Speak To Your Audience On Black Friday

Written by Dave Nicoll: Head of Social.
· 4 minute read

Remember all those videos of actual grown adult human beings trampling over little old ladies to grab a discounted end of the line TV, yeah those ones…well it’s about to happen again as the UK gears up for Black Friday in just two days time. For those of you like my dear old dad who aren’t even sure what the hell Black Friday is, it’s essentially a chance for retailers to palm off a load of old stock at discounted prices in the run up to Christmas. That being said, there are some great deals to be had out there if you know where to look.

The issue however is how do those brands with something of actual value to offer stand out from the inevitable noise set to be created over the coming days. I’m pretty sure you will already have noticed the endless emails and social media ads pushing offers from all and sundry over the last few weeks, and that only looks set to increase further over the weekend. So just what do brands do to help them stand out from the crowd?

Well fortuitously messaging analysts Persado have undertaken some pretty impressive research into the type of language that encourages consumers to act during the Black Friday period. Whilst their research primarily focusses on email subject lines, it is easy to see how this can translate into your PPC and social media campaigns, and even your on site content. So whilst your Black Friday offers are already planned out (if not live), here are some pointers on how to improve the messaging;

Make Sure To Include The Term Black Friday/Cyber Monday

At this stage, your audience has already been through several years of these mega discount days and is therefore actively expecting special offers to come through over the next day or so, it is therefore vital to make clear that this email or offer is special. You need to avoid using puns however. So as funny as you may think “yule love this” sounds, your customers aren’t likely to revel in your cheesiness.

Focus On The Recipient

Although recipients may be shopping for friends and family, it is still important to address your email or ad to them directly. Essentially, instead of ‘they’ll love this’ you need to be focussing on ‘you’ll love this’. It is however important to avoid imperative verbs like ‘hurry’ and ‘don’t miss out’ as this was shown to consistently drive people away.

❤️ Emojis

Some may see them as the death of the written language as we know it, but those in the know, know that symbols and emojis can affect conversions by up to 37% (yes you read that right). The use of emojis (at least until everyone has read my blog post) helps your message stand out from the crowd during a busy sales period. Some consistent winners: ✂ (for discounts), ⌚️ (for time-sensitive offers), 😊  (any type). The research does however suggest avoiding the use of holiday specific symbols.

Use Emotive Language

Exclusivity and fascination appear to be key emotions to play on, therefore making use of keywords such as ‘you’re invited’ and ‘our event is on’ is vital to peaking interest. The data does however suggest you avoid using urgency language such as ‘limited time’ as this was rated as one of the five least effective emotions.

Although this is by no means a comprehensive list of Black Friday messaging, it does provide some really handy pointers as to how you can make your digital marketing messaging stand out during one of the busiest times of year for retailers.