The Digital Marketing Trends to Keep On Top of in 2019

Written by Adam: Content and Social Executive.
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We are well into 2019, and just as sure as the winter woes will pass and the summer sun will eventually rise, digital marketing will continue to evolve. Meaning marketers always need to be aware of the changing digital trends, in order to easily adapt and stay ahead of the competition.

From voice search to personalised email; we wanted to go through the digital marketing trends to keep on top of in 2019…

Voice search and interaction is integral

Thanks to the introduction of a number of smart devices; from Siri to Alexa, the popularity of digital voice interaction continues to rise. Even hotels can take advantage of voice search these days, and in the age of instant messaging, it’s clear that people still prefer to talk.

Many brands are trying to figure out more ways of utilising voice search and interaction. Not only to allow their target audience to better interact with their brand; but to also deliver more targeted, specific content to increase click-through rates. Digital marketing companies need to consider exactly how people will use their voice queries. This includes focusing on the long-tail keywords that they’ll use when asking a question, because they likely be more specific.

It will be challenging to prepare for this trend, as a voice search works differently to a typed query, in terms of search results. The smart device will usually only reply verbally to an asked question, giving only a few choices at most. It’s definitely an area of digital marketing on the rise, and soon even things like meta-descriptions of websites could be affected. A description will need to be optimised so that it sounds better when spoken out loud!

Chatbots are even more critical

Speaking of, well… speak. Chatbots are already used extensively on social media for multiple different tasks. From basic customer support functions, to providing reports on things such as the weather. These virtual “concierges” are predicted to be used by up to 80% of companies by next year, at least according to Business Insider.

They interact with users in a more natural way, mainly through a text chat window, but verbal interactions are also possible. They can make things far more personalised, by enhancing the user’s experience, and can allow digital marketers to better engage with their audience.

It’s highly likely that 2019 will see chatbots continue to take the digital marketing world by storm. In fact many users seem to prefer ‘speaking’ to a robot than an actual person at times. Plus, they are predicted to begin replacing more traditional mobile apps over the next couple of years, as the app market becomes more saturated. The future of chatbot technology looks very bright indeed.

Video is still just as vital

Video is poised to remain a pivotal and incredibly effective digital marketing tool this year. No matter whether you’re creating video content on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or your own website. Strong video production can better engage audiences, and convey a lot of information to them about a brand’s personality.

The cost of quality video production has decreased a lot in recent years, especially with the  increasingly high-quality smartphone cameras. Therefore it makes sense that many digital marketing companies are opting for more personalised video messages, instead of emails and phone calls. Now marketers can offer audiences the chance to view interviews, behind the scenes glimpses of events, how products are made, and even day-to-day runnings of the office.

Live video content is also on the rise, as customers continue to seek an ever more interactive experience. Live streaming content combined with influencer marketing, whether from celebrities or other social media influencers, is now a huge draw for audiences. Users can interact directly with spontaneous content through comments. When this is done through a  well-chosen personality, the results for a digital marketer can be hugely positive.

Personalised email is very popular

Email had been an intrinsic tool in digital marketing for many years. But it’s certainly different now to what it was ten years ago, and the main difference is personalisation.

Personalised email marketing is being combined with automation, to target specific users. For example, when someone is browsing a particular product or service, an automatic personalised email can be sent to motivate a certain action. Plus, GDPR rules now mean that people who receive these emails will be the ones who have clearly opted into the marketing. Making it an even more lucrative way of engaging with target audiences.

These extra layers of personalisation when emailing people who have opted in, who are close to closing, and who are happy and likely to buy; can be invaluable in terms of reach and conversions.

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