The best lead source for B2B companies is still SEO

Written by Melanie Smith: Digital marketing manager.
· 4 minute read

One of the biggest challenges in B2B marketing is generating leads. After all, without leads, there are no new clients, and no revenue!

Many B2B companies who find themselves asking ‘how do I get more leads?’ will be met with an abundance of answers, from the older, traditional lead generation methods such as direct mail, print advertising and telemarketing, to more modern marketing techniques such as social media, TV advertising and search marketing.

Which B2B marketing strategies really work when it comes to lead generation?

A study by Hubspot asked B2B companies which sources their leads come from. The study found that the three best lead sources for B2B companies were all forms of digital marketing, with SEO coming out on top at 14%, followed by email marketing at 13%, and social media at 12%. At the other end of the scale, traditional advertising came out bottom at just 3%, and direct mail at 6%.

SEO for B2B lead generation

Although it may have become more challenging to succeed in organic search of recent times, SEO remains a valuable source of leads for B2B companies.

One of the main reasons for this is because the benefits of SEO build up and become more effective over time. With other marketing tactics that B2B companies may turn to, such as paid search, generating leads requires ongoing spend – stop spending, and the leads stop, too.

Paid search offers instant results, which can be appealing to B2B companies, particularly early on when the company is yet to establish any organic search presence or brand awareness.

However, many B2B companies will be looking for a more sustainable option, which SEO can provide. SEO is one of the few sustainable marketing techniques – the benefits from the content you produce will continue for years to come. The more links you attract will also build up over time, meaning a high return on investment.

The B2B audience

When you begin to look into the stats around B2B buying decisions, it’s clear why SEO continues to be of major importance in generating B2B leads.

According to Think with Google, 89% of B2B researchers use the Internet in their research process, and 71% of B2B researchers start off their research with a generic search, making it the number one resource for research.

Think with Google also state that the B2B audience is getting younger, with 18-34 year olds accounting for almost half of all B2B researchers. Given the audience demographic, it seems no surprise that the best lead sources for B2B companies were digital, including SEO.

SEO for your business

Looking to generate more leads for your B2B business? Or are you tired of getting little success with your current telemarketing or direct mail campaigns? It’s time to invest in SEO.

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