The Benefits Of Social Media Takeovers

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

We spend countless time and effort trying to establish a good social media platform with the help of an effective content strategy, aiming to perfect a brand’s tone of voice and build the right relationship amongst followers.

So for some, the idea of handing over the reigns and letting a blogger, influencer or employee control your social media account may seem like a crazy thing to do. Many worry that letting an outsider run the company’s social accounts as part of a ‘social media takeover’ could ruin the business’ strategic flow. However, a takeover has more benefits than you think. Inviting someone to take over your account brings a new perspective, and a fresh pair of eyes.

Fashion blogger, Yasmine Chanel took over Missguided’s  Instagram account which brought an influencers perspective to the clothing brand.

So what are the benefits?

The ability to reach a new audience: 9 times out of 10 the individual taking over will already have their own online presence, and who wouldn’t want to tell everyone that they’re doing a social media takeover! For the brand, this means free exposure to new followers and the potential of reaching a wider audience.

Increase of engagement: Whether it’s an Instagram story of the blogger/influencer/employee’s daily routine or a series of tweets on Twitter, this encourages your audience to tune in and engage. There’s something about expecting the unexpected. It gives your followers something to talk about.

Brand awareness: Hosting a takeover with an individual humanises your tone of voice across all social. See it as third party endorsement.

Whether the person taking over your accounts is complaining about how packed the tram can be on a Monday morning, sharing a hearty slice of pizza on Instagram, or showing  the whole world how adorable their pet is, the idea of not knowing what to expect next is the beauty of a takeover with the bonus of keeping your followers engaged.

Look out for the Run2 social media takeover each week by a different member of the Run2 team.