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Why your social media strategy needs a channel purpose

Written by Laurence Hebberd: Social Media Manager.
· 4 minute read

It’s a given nowadays that if you’re a business or company, you’ll have a social media presence. You’ll probably be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, but do you know why you are? You shouldn’t be on all the networks just for the sake of it – you need to build a channel purpose for each, and believe in it.

Here are 5 points which will help you decide whether you have a channel purpose:

Are you posting the right type of content?

Even though they’re famous for copying features (*cough* Stories *cough*), each social network is different. Facebook is the biggest, with a wide range of users present; Twitter is for the conversations and Instagram is where you’ll find the visual content.

It may seem simple, but a lot of brands can get it wrong. Don’t post text on a platform made for images, don’t post imagery on a platform made for video and – similarly – don’t post too much content either. Map out what you need to post with how often and you’ll be set!

Are you talking to the right people?

Do you have an understanding of your target audience? Do you know who your current buyers are, and who you have the potential to sell to? Ultimately, are you aware of where they hang out? Work out which gender your users are, their age, and their personalities, and then aim for those channels.

For example, you won’t find grandparents on Instagram, unless they’re super cool. I’ve tried.

Are you providing value?

If users don’t have a reason to follow you, then why would they? Is your Twitter feed full of auto-tweets from your Facebook and Instagram posts? Are you ignoring all the messages you receive? If so, think again and recalculate your reasoning for being on that platform. You want to give people a purpose for following your account – whether it’s to entertain, educate or simply to follow the latest updates – and stick to living that.

Are you getting the results you need?

What are you goals for social media? Are you looking for an increase in sales? Do you just want more brand awareness? Most importantly, are you receiving those results in the long run? If you are, well done – keep at it!

If not, it’s maybe think to review your initial plan and see whether you need something new and fresh. Maybe it’s time for Instagram Stories to get those all important swipe/click-throughs.

Are you feeling good about what you’re doing?

Whether you work for the brand, you’re a freelancer, or you’re the social media manager – are you enjoying the work you’re putting out? If you’ve got a smile on your face when you click that important ‘Post’ button, then that’s the way to be. If you’re not, and you feel that you’re being too spammy or just doing it all wrong, you probably are.

I hope those points can help you decide whether the channels you’re using are right for you and your brand. We’ve all got a job to do, let’s make sure we’re not just shouting into the ether!