Switching Your PPC Strategy To Single Keyword Ad Groups

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

Matching your ad to exactly what users are searching for allows marketers to use Google Ads at its best. Sounds simple? But realistically there are many search query combinations that are being completed that can sometimes not be specific enough to what advertisers are producing. Therefore, in order to run these campaigns successfully, advertisers need to cover a wide range of keywords, each with their own completely unique ad.

The problem with broad ad groups

Commonly, marketers set up ad groups with ads that try to cover everything within the ad group that are often too general and broad. For example, if you sell beds and add every bed type into that one ad group, you will end up having the same ads that show for “bunk beds” and “California king beds” which can be ten thousand miles away from what users are searching for. Failing to match the ad of what users are looking for can lead to low CTRs along with low conversion rates. 

The benefits of single keyword ad groups

Single keyword ad groups offer a solution to this problem, which consists of multiple ad groups that contain one keyword, with their own personalised ad – creating an advertisement that is exactly what the user is searching for.

Firstly, the CTR can increase significantly, as you highlight the search query in your ad. Making your ad a lot more relevant to the user, with this CTR increase having positive implications on your overall quality score. 

Additionally, it allows marketers to gain fuller control over the keyword bidding as you have broken down each keyword (along with each match type) you can set specific bids for them. This allows you to adjust bids accordingly to keywords that are performing better than others.

This strategy can, however, be rather time-consuming, especially if your account has hundreds of keywords, as each ad group will need at least 2 ads to test but is certainly more beneficial for more optimal PPC accounts.

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