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Run2 Time Capsule – Open in 2023

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

With the new year upon us, thoughts turn inevitably to the future. What is in store for us? Are there any big changes on the horizon? If we look back to 2013 we can see so much has changed in the last 5 years so we banged our heads together at the Run2 HQ and being a full digital agency came up with some thoughts on what we think the future might hold for digital marketing.


Voice Search

With the likes of Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, voice search and activation is becoming more and more popular. Brands need to start thinking about this and optimising content for the spoken word. This will come down to ranking for longer tail keywords than you are currently ranking for.

New Search Engine

There was some discussion around the office around which platform would become the next go-to search engine but the most common consensus was that either Amazon and Facebook would become the next search platform. We can see Facebook creating a much sleeker, better looking platform than Google while also using data its already collected from people and businesses within Facebook. Amazon Alexa currently runs on the Bing network and therefore has a different ranking system to that on Google. We can see Amazon switching to their own platform and creating a sponsored ad platform on here specifically for voice search.

UX and Design

Pre Filled Forms

We have seen the start of this already in certain fields such as email addresses and telephone numbers, but we think that your browser will learn the answers to the most common questions so that when you go to buy insurance, fill out a credit application or any other type of form, the browser will autofill all the details leaving the consumer to check it is all still correct and move to the payment section.

Apple and Android Pay

There are now so many easy ways to pay with PayPal, Apple and Android. Rather than adding your card details to every site you purchase something on, these pay platforms will be integrated and will allow people to pay in a secure environment.

Virtual Reality

In the future you could walk down a virtual highstreet, virtually try on clothes, take a car for a virtual test drive and buy it all from the comfort of your own home. This could massively change the way ecommerce businesses work.

Social Media

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has gone from strength to strength and influencers are becoming increasingly confident when it comes to charging brands for access to their audience. Marketers will soon realise that a more targeted audience with smaller, more engaged audiences would be beneficial over a large following of people all over the world that are not necessarily interested in the specific product or service.  

Direct Communication

Facebook Messenger is already the most popular messaging app and with Snapchat and Instagram soon launching communication apps to rival Facebook’s, these group micro chats could be the future. Facebook has already started to monetise this platform as they have realised the potential here.

Evolving Social Platforms

This was a heated discussion at Run2 HQ and there was no real consensus on this one. Some thought Facebook would change direction with the integration of a search engine and would continue to engage the user. Others thought Facebook would die off as the younger generation are stirring towards Snapchat and Instagram.