Run2 secures four new client wins including the NHS

Written by Hannah Ward: Managing director.
· 4 minute read

In a busy couple of months for Run2, the agency has secured four new client wins, including two contracts with NHS North West.

The NHS – Targeted Flu Campaign

Run2 were recently approached by the NHS to pitch for their “Flu” campaign, promoting the free flu jab to pregnant women and parents of 2-3 year olds, in the North West region. Our pitch covered the channels that we felt would best maximise budget and increase reach, engagement, and ultimately take-up of the flu jab.

We were delighted to be selected as the agency who won the pitch, and have commenced a strategy which includes Organic and Paid Social Media, Influencer Marketing, display advertising across forums such as Mumsnet and Madeformums, and a PPC campaign.

We are already seeing excellent reach of posts across paid and social channels and high engagement with video footage. Influencer uptake has also been very strong due to the goodwill towards to NHS. We’re excited to see where the rest of the campaign will take us!

The NHS- Winter Campaign

Off the back of our success with the Flu campaign, NHS North West invited us to pitch for the larger “Winter” campaign, which covers various types of illnesses and complaints that peak in the Winter months, and guidelines for how best to get treated.

Again, we were thrilled to be selected as the winner of this pitch too, and have commenced a strategy which comprises Paid and Organic social and Influencer Outreach.


Affinity Living

Affinity Living is a new apartment building located in Spinningfield, offering the ultimate location to work and socialise in Manchester.

We were invited to pitch for the digital marketing campaign required to promote Affinity Living and ensure all rental units are occupied by May 2020. We proposed a strategy that included on-site optimisation, content marketing, organic and paid social media, and PPC.

We are very pleased to announce that we were Affinity Living’s chosen agency for the campaign, and work is already underway optimising the current site following SEO best practice, as well as setting up PPC and Paid Social campaigns. Our campaign aims to demonstrate how community-focused Affinity Living is, and the city of Manchester will play an important part in our marketing campaign.



Nievus is an ecommerce brand specialising in personalised phone cases and suit cases.

We were approached by Neivus to pitch to manage Paid Social on an ongoing basis, and were delighted to be chosen as the agency to undertake the strategy that we put forward.

Our social and design teams are now working together to create an eye-catching paid social campaign aimed at increasing sales and revenue each month.

Unity Mutual

Unity Mutual offer a range of financial products such as ISAs, bonds, and other saving options. The client invited a number of agencies to pitch a PPC strategy aimed at promoting their Lifetime ISA.

We were pleased to be the agency chosen to lead the campaign, and for the last two months have been undertaking a PPC strategy aimed at sending more traffic to a dedicated Lifetime ISA landing page, with the goal of encouraging users to fill in the online application form.

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