LookUps: More Free Stock Images Than You Know What To Do With Are Right At Your Fingertips…

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

Maybe I’m a little behind with this and every man and his dog already knows about it so apologies if you do but if you don’t then like me, you’ll hopefully find this post really useful!

Finding images that are free to use for your business blog posts without the risk of getting a letter from a solicitor, can often be a difficult and time consuming task. Yea you’ve got sites like istock and shutterstock etc that give you the ability to buy the rights to the image you want to use on there but let’s be honest – if you are blogging numerous times daily, the costs of these images (as nobody likes a purely text based blog post) can start to mount up.

There are a few free sites such as:

. . but often I find that the number of relevant images for my topic is limited and/or the quality of the available images is very poor and a high quality image can really make a HUGE difference to your post as well as the number of links, likes, tweets and shares it gets – basically it’s really important.

Anyway I was mid post the other day and struggling to find a suitable image so decided to speak up and ask around the office.

“Just go to Google” shouted Andy!

“You can’t” I said, “You don’t know if you are allowed to use the image or under what terms.”

“You can” he said, “There is a setting where you can filter the image search to only show images that are free to use” – then he proceeded to show me a quick and easy way to find a TON of free to use images simply by using Google images.

.. I’m not sure how long this has been available, maybe I’m just a bit slow with this one but here is how to find tons of free to use images using Google:

  1. First go to Google’s image search and search away!
  2. Next go to the cog in the right corner of the screen:
  3. Scroll to the bottom and look for “Usage Rights” and change the setting to whatever you require:
  4. Help yourself to images!

Hope you found this helpful and if you did . . please share it with your friends! If they don’t know about it they will REALLY thank you for it!