3 Reasons why your B2B should try Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 3 minute read

With over 78% of all internet users in the UK using Facebook, this social media channel can reap great rewards for businesses across the country that leverage it in the most effective way possible.

If you think Facebook is just good for ecommerce sites that want to sell fast fashion you are mistaken! Facebook has a range of ad formats that can be tailored to suit your business objectives whether that be brand awareness, consideration or conversion.

What are Facebook Lead Generation Ads?

Long story short, Facebook lead generation ads are custom forms that you can promote to your target audience. You can exchange a potential warm lead for things such as competition entries, white paper or newsletter subscriptions.

Benefits of Facebook Lead Gen Ads

So, now you understand what Facebook Lead Generation ads are, here is why they are important to your B2B and how you can reap the rewards of this effective digital strategy.

1. Targeted Leads

By layering Facebook’s interest and demographic targeting you are able to target those who may have an affinity to your product/service offering. You can also retarget to those who have shown high intent either by opening and not completing a form previously or have visited your site previously.

2. Leads in Real Time

As soon as a form is filled out on Facebook you have access to it allowing you to follow up leads when they are at their hottest. By using Facebook’s clever integrations and API you can easily sync up your CRM system to your newly collected data.

3. User Friendly

The beauty of these forms on this social media channel is that as the user will be logged in, the form is mainly prepopulated with usually 1 or 2 fields that they must complete where their information may be missing.

Facebook Lead Generation Agency

Whatever industry your business is in, if you are seeking strategies for your online advertising, here at Run2 we can help. Facebook ads offer a range of unique capabilities that you might not have considered previously in your plans. Facebook lead ads offer the winning combination of highly relevant reach and highly effective lead generation. If you’re interested in growing your business across this social media platform, or learning more about how you can increase your online presence why not sign up for a free audit?