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Questions you need to ask when choosing an agency for your SEO

Written by Andy McGowan: Digital marketing executive.
· 4 minute read

You’ve done it. You’ve spent hours researching SEO agencies, made a huge list, finally narrowed it down to the best ones and set up the meeting. It’s now time for your chosen agency to impress you and win you over as a client.

To make sure you get the most out of your first meeting, we’ve pulled together a list of questions you should be asking your SEO agency to make sure they tick all the boxes. We want to make sure you walk away with the knowledge that will help you come to a balanced decision about who to employ as your SEO agency.  

Note: These are in no particular order as the initial SEO meeting can spiral off into different directions. As long as these are answered at some point within the meeting then you should have all the relevant information you need.


Can You Meet My Current SEO Targets?

Firstly, the only way an agency is going to know whether they can meet your SEO targets or not is if you’ve defined them yourself. Before meeting an agency, have an idea of the following:

  • What keywords should my business be ranking for?
  • What is my overall goal? E.g. revenue, enquiries, increase in organic traffic.
  • Where do we currently rank for our desired keywords?
  • What are our budgets for this project?

Giving the agency this information before the meeting can really help move things along much quicker. The agency will be more prepared to answer your questions and work with you to find a strategy that works for all parties.

If you’re not sure of your targets – no problem! A good SEO agency should be able to do their own research, sit down with you and devise a plan that they believe will improve your business and it’s online presence.


What Would Your SEO Strategy Consist Of?

An SEO strategy should be at the core of your agencies approach. Having a defined and planned strategy will help keep everyone on track and show a clear line of progression.

You’ll find that a lot of SEO agencies will recite off the same things when it comes to a basic strategy. What to look for is an agency that has evidently put in the effort to research your business, your current search presence and your content and has taken the time to pull together a plan that is custom to your business and industry.


Do You Have A Proven Track Record?

A good SEO agency will have done it all before. Ask them about their portfolio and ask them if they’ve worked on a client of a similar industry in the past. If they’ve not, ask them if they’ve worked on a client who has been in a similar situation and find out what they did to produce results.

Good SEO agencies will have most of their successful work on their website – it may even have been one of the reasons you contacted them in the first place – either way, it’s always worth asking as it may give you the peace of mind you’re looking for when you handover your website and content to a new agency.


Who Will Be Working On My Account?

This isn’t a vital question but it might be worth asking to see if you can be introduced to the SEO expert who will be utilising your strategy – if they’re not already in the meeting. Most agencies have an account manager or SEO executive/manager assigned to an account and work with the wider SEO/Content/Web Development team to achieve your marketing goals.

Personally, we like introducing our SEO executives to clients as early as possible so they know who they’ll be working with on a day to day basis.


Having Used An SEO Agency Before, What Makes You Different?

This might not be your first time working with an agency. You may have had a negative experience with an agency in the past and are looking for someone to replace your confidence in outsourcing.

The ‘What Makes You Different’ question is a hard one to answer but a good SEO agency should have something that makes them different – I mean if not, how on earth do they stand out?

We like to think we’re more personable than our competitors. We make a conscious effort to establish a genuine relationship with our clients as well as work hard to drive results. We’re also not afraid to push everyone out of their comfort zone – if you’ve done something before and it’s not worked, why keep doing it? Let’s change it up and think outside the box.


How Will Results Be Presented To Me?

This is an important question as it gives you an idea of how the reporting side of things is going to work. If an agency is super-vague about how they report back to you – get out of there! The main reason you’re outsourcing your SEO is because you’re looking for real results. If an agency struggles to report the results back to you then what’s the point?

Don’t go with an agency who might try and pull the wool over your eyes. You want to know exactly where your marketing budget is going and what results have been generated. If there have been failures, how are the agency going to turn things around? Results are everything and you have the right to question everything.


Can You Help With Anything Else Besides SEO?

Many agencies are stand-alone SEO agencies which might be what you’re looking for. Other agencies, like ourselves, offer a wide range of digital services that cover everything from content generation, to website design to PPC advertising.

SEO goes hand-in-hand with lots of other digital services including content generation, design and PPC – try and keep an open mind and if an agency can justify why another service will benefit your SEO strategy, it may be worth considering giving them the reigns for a while to see if it could have any impact.