Presidential Google bombs.

Written by Jack Taylor: Digital account manager.
· 4 minute read

Google Bombed: (Verb) refers to the practice of causing a website to rank highly in web search engine results for irrelevant, unrelated or off-topic search terms by linking heavily. In contrast, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving the search engine listings of web pages for relevant search terms.


Regardless of your political viewpoints it’s always nice to see someone have the mickey taken out of them. So when Donald Trump became the latest presidential victim of internet users it gathered a lot of attention. A simple search for ‘idiot’ in Google’s image search provides you with all you need to know.


Trump Google Bomb


Whilst some may think this is poor taste, as mentioned it is just the latest in presidential Google Bombing. The original was George Bush Jnr who was hit when his White House biography page was pushed to the top of the SERPs for the search term ‘miserable failure’.


Bush Google Bomb


A few years later is was Barack Obama’s turn when his detractors decided to ensure his White House biography page ranked for the slightly unimaginative term, given GWBs Google Bomb, ‘who is the failure.


Obama Google Bomb


So whilst entertaining there is also another side of this which I, as a digital marketer, am interested in.

Google spend millions of pounds on improving their algorithm which ensures they show the best and most relevant possible search results for you, so how, 15 years on from the first presidential Google Bomb is this still possible. It shows there are still gaps in Google’s algorithm, people are able to manipulate the results to make something rank for an unrelated term.



And this is where we get to find out more about what makes Google’s algorithm tick. Notice that the Trump Google Bomb ranked for images, not webpages like Obama’s and GWB’s. Google have made it harder to rank web pages over the course of the last decade, but images are easier to rank.


So if you want to see your site ranking well on Google for (relevant) terms, get in touch!