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Preparing your website for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Written by Beth Cunniffe: Content manager.
· 4 minute read

It’s getting closer to one of the busiest times of year for ecommerce sites. Yep, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost upon us. This year, the mayhem starts on the 23rd November so there’s still time to put some preparations in place.

If you’re taking part, here are some key things to consider before the sale begins.


Place Black Friday front and centre


Giving your homepage a Black Friday makeover is essential. It might seem a lot of effort for one weekend but if customers land on your site and see no immediate mention of Black Friday, Cyber Monday or deals, they’ll assume you’re not bothering and quickly leave.

Your deals and offers need to be front and centre and it’s a good idea to incorporate homepage banners with clear sale messaging and strong calls to action.

And don’t leave it to chance, send out an email to your existing mailing list beforehand, letting them know you’re taking part in the mega sale.


black friday email

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Make the process as smooth as possible


During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shoppers aren’t looking to spend an age leisurely browsing your site, they just want to spend money. And it’s your job to make it as easy as possible to do that. With so much competition, any barriers to buying, no matter how small, could see your customers abandoning you for a smoother experience.

To ensure a quick bargain, make the checkout process as fast and simple as possible. Allow customers to check out as guests rather than requiring them to register an account speeds up the process.

guest checkout


It’s also vital that your site is optimised for different devices, to make sure however your customers are browsing your site, their experience is as hassle free as possible. In 2017, smartphones were one of the biggest drivers of growth on Cyber Monday, responsible for 44.6% of site visits and nearly 30% of revenue.


Expect increased traffic

It sounds silly but a lot of ecommerce sites pray and hope they get lots of visitors (and sales) during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, but they don’t really think about the practical implications of what that means. As we mentioned above, the process for customers needs to be as smooth as possible. So it’s essential that your site can cope with increased traffic. Slow loading times, queues, low stock and full blown crashes aren’t going to win you any favours on Black Friday so test your site ahead of time and make sure it can handle the pressure of increased traffic.